Why You Should Travel With Just A Backpack

Why You Should Travel With Just A Backpack

Why You Should Travel With Just A Backpack: Are you the type of person who seems to always get the shopping cart with a wheel that has a mind of its own? Now imagine if that was your suitcase. Not much fun is it? 

You can’t be stealthy when everybody around you can hear the thumping and rattling of your suitcase. 

Travel With A Backpack

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Why You Should Travel With A Backpack

Travel With A Backpack

There is nothing like broadcasting to the world: “Hello. I’m from out of town. Oh, I’m not lost at all. But thank you for asking. I’m purely looking for my hotel which can be right around the corner. I think.” when your suitcase don’t cooperate.

My most recent trip of Victoria to Seattle, I had to fight the rough seas on a ferry that seem to be battling Poseidon and Poseidon was the captain at that moment. 

Once, I arrived at the Clipper Terminal and trying to gain my land legs again, my left wheel of my carryon broke off. 

My hotel was a 15-minute walk away, and I really should have grabbed an Uber (Click Here if you don’t have Uber), but I decided to walk. 

What was to take 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes due to my evil suitcase.

That’s when I wished when I was choosing between backpack and travel bag; I chose the backpack.

What’s a Travel Backpack?

Before we continue, let’s define what a good travel backpack is so there’s no confusion.

Travel backpack: a bag that you strap to your back to carry all your belongings and items needed for a trip.

Typically, this backpack is thoughtfully meant to withstand the rigours of the road, with pockets and compartments to help you stay organized in your travels.

True, you may use a school-style knapsack or hiking-style rucksack as a travel knapsack.

Those are two feasible options that could be classified as travel rucksacks, although they come with more headaches — like keeping your stuff organized. compare travel knapsack cross-examinations and features when looking for the most excellent travel backpack, and choose carefully.

Why You Should Travel With Just A Backpack?

Throughout my many years of traveling with suitcases and travel backpacks I believe there are five big reasons why everyone should travel with a travel backpack:

  • Quiet on your feet like a ninja
  • Keeps the “I’m a tourist” vibe to minimum
  • Helps the decision on what really to take with you
  • Mobility
  • Travellers in know use them

Quiet on Your Feet Like A Ninja

With a Travel Backpack, you won’t rock, rattle, and roll down the sidewalk.
Instead, you’ll step off curbs, navigate sidewalk cracks, and soft-paw across metal grates like a ninja.

Rolling suitcases are so noisy and horrible that the city of Venice, Italy, threatened to ban them some years ago? Don’t be that person that could make Italy rethink the ban.

Which leads nicely into the number two reason why you can travel with a travel backpack.

Keeps the “I’m a tourist” vibe to minimum

99% of the time if someone is walking with a briefcase, they’re not a local.

If you a lugging around a suitcase, you give off a look of “I don’t know where I’m going and probably have extra cash on my person, so please follow me, and try to rob me.”

A work and travel backpack doesn’t label you as a potential victim. So you should more easily get locals-only pricing on cabs and restaurants.

Helps The Decision On What To Pack

There is a limit of space in a Travel Backpack, so you can only pack what you really need. Are you really going to need those pair of heels or the fancy tuxedo on the off chance you meet royalty? To me, I think royalty might get a kick out of a pair of cargo shorts and flip-flops.

I suggest purchasing a packing cube system that fixes the packing issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack.

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A good travel backpack allows you to move faster.

Decisions are more straightforward. Do I take the Elevator and wait, or do I take the stairs? Stuck in a situation where a herd of bulls sprinting behind you and you need to get around these slow-moving groups to avoid a huge medical bill? The travel backpack can help.

Travellers In Know Use Them

I hate trend setters, but this is the only time I make this exception

An experienced traveler will tell you that a travel backpack is extremely functional, sturdy and practical. Plus, if you take care of your travel backpack, it can last you a long time for more journeys.

The experienced traveler has already dealt with the one wheel with a mind of its own, and that’s why they leave the carryon at home and bring the travel backpack.

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Recent Blog Posts:

Best Travel Backpacks

Not all travel backpacks are created equal. In fact, most people are carrying the wrong bag for their type of travel. If you’re not hiking miles through the backcountry, a hiking backpack is a wrong bag for the job.

Look for a bag well meant for your type of travel, has an ergonomically designed harness habit, is carry on sized and will stand up to the rigors of travel. Plus, find one that will be a great packing and unpacking experience.

Do you require being able to open your knapsack like a briefcase and easily access everything you desire in well-organized compartments and packing cubes? 

Moving around with a travel backpack might be easier, regardless of which style you choose, but the actual travel experience is highly dependent on features and bag design.

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For Organization Enthusiasts

Hynes Eagle 38L flight approved carry-on backpack is designed to fit the maximum size allowed on an IATA flight, it is available to fit in the overhead compartment as well as the under seat storage in flight. It is easy to convert from backpack to duffel in seconds.  

  • Provide 3 carrying options for travelers’ multiple alternatives, easy to grab and carry.
  • Hide-away contoured backpack straps are well padded with air-mesh, you can carry it comfortably as a backpack or convert it into a suitcase.
  • 2 easy grab handles (top and side) for safe lifting from trunks and overhead compartments, and from beneath a seat.

Click Here To View on Amazon.com ➜ The Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack

For Security

Seriously spacious, the Venturesafe EXP series of travel backpacks from Pacsafe help you keep it together when on the go as well as help keep your valuable secure. Side stretch pockets and internal mesh pockets keep water bottles, toiletries, and valuables organized.

Venturesafe backpacks also integrate several Pacsafe security features — from the flexible, stainless steel eXomesh slashguard built into the bag’s fabric to Carrysafe slashguard backpack straps. 

The 45-liter Venturesafe EXP45 carry-on travel pack offers a book-style opening to the main compartment for easy packing, and it meets most airline maximum carry-on standards.

The EXP45 also features easily adjustable shoulder straps and a side stretch pocket for carrying a water bottle.

Click Here View on Amazon.com ➜ Venturesafe EXP45

For Short Trips

If you’re packing for simply a few days, a full-sized carry on is too much bag. You probably want something that is compact with enough packing space for the essentials.

The Cotopaxi Allpa 28L Travel Pack Suitcase-style, full-wrap zipper opening on the main compartment. It’s just the right size, whether you’re packing light for a weekend or a week.

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For Max Packers

Stowaway Harness and Hipbelt – The Porter harness and hip-belt deploy at a moment’s notice for backpack style carry and quickly disappear into the back-panel for safe keeping when your bags are checked.

StraightJacket Protection – StraightJacket compression straps with padded sidewalls to help protect your bag’s contents and allow you to fit more gear or compress the bag to a smaller size when it isn’t fully stuffed.

Top Pocket Organization – A zippered top pocket provides easy access to toiletries and liquids.

Click Here To View on Amazon.com ➜ Osprey Packs Porter 46 Travel Backpack

What I Can Leave You With

After countless trips and thousands of miles, I’ve concluded there are five big reasons why a travel backpack wins over a roller suitcase:

  • Quiet on your feet
  • Doesn’t broadcast “I’m a tourist” vibes
  • Helps you make greater packing decisions
  • Faster + more mobile
  • The pro travelers do it

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Why You Should Travel With A Backpack

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