What To Pack For Your Trip To Los Angeles

What To Pack For Your Trip To Los Angeles

Lately, I have been to Los Angeles more times in the past few months compared to the city I live in it feels sometimes. Because I am trying like every person who comes to Los Angeles all having the dream to make it into the film industry.

The first few months of travel back and forth in pitch meetings, I had no clue what to bring with me in regards to packing. But I think I am starting to get the hang of it now after massive trial and error of the past year. This is why I want to share with you what to pack for your trip to Los Angeles. This way you can be more prepared than I was months ago.

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What To Pack For Your Trip To Los Angeles

Surviving Guidelines

Since I live in a small city that is full of hipsters and man buns, I don’t know what is in fashion from one day to the next these days. So from my observations in the past few months, this is what I have come up with on what to pack for L.A.

Side note: Will the man bun trend end already!!! Being a bald-headed man who shaves his head every day, I don’t get the man bun trend at all. If I have offended the men with man buns right now, I am sorry and you presumably make the man bun work for yourself. 

Trying to pull that off, would make me look like a Hare Krishna. If I have offended the Hare Krishna’s, then I am sorry as well. 

Can you tell I am Canadian yet by the number of times I have sorry so far?


Los Angeles Packing guide

In L.A., your sunglasses define the rest of your look—they’re the first thing everyone sees. So consider investing in a nice designer pair before traveling to L.A.

To protect your eyesight, the most important recommendation you need to follow is to wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet radiation whenever you go outside during daylight hours.

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Los Angeles Packing guide

The west coast is always in the look-out for eco-friendly products. So when you are thinking about sunscreen, join the rest of the eco-conscious and purchase earth-friendly products while protecting your skin,

It’s always important to put on sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. The problem is, certain UV blocking chemicals in sunscreen have been linked to environmental damage.

Hence the eco-friendly choices out there on the market today.

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Portable Battery Charger

Los Angeles Packing guide

There is nothing worse than walking around Los Angeles with a dead cell phone and want a UBER

That’s why I always carry with me the Anker PowerCore 5000 portable battery charger. The small tubular design slides easily next to your phone in any pocket or bag and uses standard USB cables to power up easily and quickly. 

After being lost in Los Angeles a few months ago with no cell phone power, I never leave home without this gadget.

View on Amazon.comAnker PowerCore 5000 portable battery charger


In Los Angeles, nobody walks. So you will be driving a decent amount, and finding parking is just as much fun as LA traffic. Most of the times, once you have found a spot, you are not moving your car for a while. 

That’s where a great daypack comes into play because you can keep things like water, snacks, your camera, your sunscreen, etc. with you without going back to your car. 

If you’re doing more active rigorous activities like hiking the canyons, you may want to think about the Venture Pal daypack which folds into a tiny pouch.

View on Amazon.comDaypacks / Venture Pal daypack

Shorts and T-Shirts

Shorts Lens Photographer Girl Camera Woman

Bring sets of shorts and tees that you’d be comfortable strolling a museum in, or that seems fitting for a day at a theme park.

But, depending on the time of the season you visit Los Angeles, think about layers.

For women, a cardigan or light sweater/hoodie or jacket is basically a necessity, because even aside from the weather, many indoor spaces are air-conditioned and can get chilly. For men, a hoodie or pullover sweater seems standard enough.

View on Amazon.comShorts and Tees


Whether you prefer a baseball cap or a fashionable sun-hat, definitely include a hat on your list of what to pack for L.A.

I wear a hat all the time when outdoors, to protect against the sun, and wind, as well. I love Tilley hats...they have wind cords, are guaranteed for life and have some nice styles…

If it is overcast, you can get sun damage or even sunburn on an overcast day.

View on Amazon.comTilley hats

Bathing Suit

If you have a wildly printed bathing suit that’s too loud for the community pool at home, this is your time to wear it and show off some personality.

At the beach or at the pool, everyone will be wearing a bikini or board shorts, and their best cover-up, too.

View on Amazon.comBikini’s / Cover-upsBoard shorts

Hiking Boots

Your first thought may not be packing hiking boots, but it’s a good idea to add them to your packing list.

Southern California happens to have one of the best hiking temperatures for all year round hiking. If you plan on hiking, make sure all of your gear is in order to be safe and comfortable.

I recommend the Keen brand for their extreme comfort, durability, and style.

View on Amazon.com ➜  Hiking boots / Keen brands

Flip-Flops and Flats

L.A.’s not a walking town, but if you’re planning on exploring a museum or tromping around a theme park, comfortable flats or flip-flops are an essential item to pack for your L.A. trip.

View on Amazon.comComfortable flats or Flip-flops

Dry Shampoo

In L.A., you’re OK walking around with “I just woke up” hair. But spray a bit of dry shampoo in to make it look—and smell—better. A great addition to anyone’s packing list for Los Angeles.

View on Amazon.comDry Shampoo

Makeup Bag and Hair-Styling Tools

Every you look in Los Angeles, everyone are remarkably well-groomed, especially at night.

Now, I don’t know much in regards to this area, but my wife does and these are her suggestions.

Pack a powerful hairdryer and the Bio Ionic Power Diva hair dryer is a good investment for any traveler. Also, the Bareminerals cosmetics line give’s a natural look that’s increasingly popular in Los Angeles.

Click To Link To Learn MoreBio Ionic Power Diva hair dryer / Bareminerals cosmetics

Summer Dress

Los Angeles is the land of fashion, so if you’re deciding on what to pack for Los Angeles and have a summer maxi dress at your disposal, throw it on in your suitcase.

Again this is something that is mentioned by my wife, as I can’t pull off a dress.

So, two things you have found out about me so far is I can’t pull off a man bun or a summer dress.

View on Amazon.com Maxi Dress / Suitcases

Water Bottle

If you are in a touristed area of Los Angeles, they really overcharge for water. I also advise you not to drink California tap water – I think it can strip paint off of walls. 

The most practical way to avoid being charged an obscene price for a miniature bottle of Evian, I would suggest bringing a filtered water bottle. 

Brita has some excellent water bottles that you can refill it at drinking fountains. Or bring a collapsible water bottle with you that’s easy to carry and will always be with you. A collapsible water bottle is great at amusement parks where you can fill your water bottle with great tasting water for free.

View on Amazon.com ➜ Brita water bottles / Collapsible water bottles

Tailored Clothes for Men

Because the California weather calls for it, summer suiting is the go-to tailoring look; join the fashion trend and be part of the fashion elite. 

L.A. men stay dapper by avoiding baggy looseness. Stick with close-cropped button-upsslim-cut tees, and slim-fit shirts.

And don’t forget to save some room in your suitcase for your L.A. shopping finds.

View on Amazon.comButton-ups / Slim-cut tees / Slim-fit shirts / Suitcases

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