West Coast Swing Baseball Road Trip Guide

West Coast Swing Baseball Road Trip Guide

There is nothing better than a west coast swing baseball road trip! 

I have taken a few west coast swing baseball road trips over the past two years due to the fact of my love for baseball and Living along the magnificent west coast.

My first west coast baseball road trip was inspired by watching the movie “Moneyball. I know that sounds strange, but that movie made me understand I love the game of Baseball more than Hockey. Coming from Canada, those are fighting words.

I first started planning for my first west coast baseball road trip after finding out that I had a couple of filmmaking conferences in Los Angeles that I had to attend.

When I started planning my west coast baseball road trip, finding information about the ins and outs of the baseball stadiums I would be heading to was tough to find. I could find the usual facts and figures on the parks I was planning to see, but I wanted to know the hidden secrets and tips only the fans would know.

Funny enough that the first stadium I would be visiting is my home stadium, T-mobile Park in Seattle. It‘s so tough to not call it Safeco Field, as the name changed recently, and nobody likes changes.

My West coast baseball road trip was planned to see 6 teams in 7 nights while trying to save money in doing it. The trip was to cover games in Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I budgeted for two tickets up to $150.00 and hotels of up to $250.00 per night. Let‘s just say that I overblown my hotel costs a bit.

My wife and I didn’t want to stay at hotels that had 1-star ratings on TripAdvisor to cut costs, we opted for hotels like the Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, and Best Western. But there were a few hotels along the way that we splurged on, and we were glad we did.

Do you want to know how I made this west coast baseball road trip, the best sporting experience I have had on four wheels? Well, read on as I am about to give you the details.

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West Coast Swing Baseball Road Trip Guide

Baseball Road trip
T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA

Plan Your Trip Based On Scheduling

The toughest part of planning a west coast baseball road trip is scheduling based on the teams actually playing at home during your journey.

Fortunately, on my first trip, all of the stars aligned, and all of the teams were playing in each city I was heading to. But sometimes the best of luck on planning a road trip may not be in your favor. 

That’s why I suggest if you are planning a west coast swing baseball road trip is to use this fantastic Baseball Road Trip Scheduler(click this link to start your scheduling).

The site is so easy to use that I don’t need an 11 year to teach me. All you have to do is pick the teams you want to see, and it will come up with the best options for your planning.

Plan Your Tickets

You have your schedule ready, now it’s time to start pricing out your tickets. I used a combination of three websites to price out my tickets.

The ticket sites I used were StubHub, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster to figure out where to sit and the best price for each game.

StubHub and Ticketmaster are great sites to start out with as they seem to be the best site for MLB tickets. I am always skeptical about ticket websites due to business practices by setting their own fictitious price and demand.

There was a documentary in Canada about ticket brokers and teams colluding together to overcharged their fans. But that’s a different story altogether.

Once you have your StubHub and Ticketmaster windows open, it’s time to open another window for SeatGeek.

Start to dig in and look at the pricing charts for the section and seats you want to be in, and the go-to SeatGeek to see the view from the seat. 

This is a great practice for any sporting event as certain ticket sites won’t mention a huge foul pole in front of your face, or if you see a hockey game at Barclay‘s arena in Brooklyn that you won’t see 1/4 of the ice from your seat.

Side Note: Ticket prices for each stadium are based on demand for the team. Case in point, when I saw the Oakland A’s at Oakland Coliseum, I had tickets 4 rows up from home plate that was $75.00 a piece. For that price at Dodgers Stadium, I was in Level 3 tucked against a cement wall.

Book Hotels

Baseball Road trip

Now that you have booked your tickets, you are committed to the trip now and there is no turning back now. It’s time to start your search for the best hotels for the price within your budget.

When I book my hotels for any trip, I use several websites and you may have your favorites that you go to on a regular basis. The three major ones I use for most of my travels are Expedia, Booking.com, and Hotwire.com.

Hotwire.com is a lot like Priceline in which you don’t know what the hotel you are staying at until after you book the hotel. Its like Russian roulette, expect less painful.

With Hotwire.com you will know what the star rating of the hotel is, and comparable to the hotels, but the unknown is out there. But with my experience with Hotwire.com , I seem to lock down hotels that wouldn’t have been in my price range in the first place. 

For example, an unknown property that was offered to me was $175.00 per night, and when I booked it, I ended up at a Sheraton in the heart of the city which was twice the price if I booked it directly from the hotel website.

Just keep in mind the area where you are looking for in relation to the stadium, and other interests in the area while booking. You don’t want to save a few dollars only to find out that the hotel is 30 minutes from the ballpark and have to pay for stadium parking. 

If you happen to have this happen, I would suggest Uber in and out of the stadium, as it will save money of parking and a headache of traffic going in and out of the stadium.

If you are last minute planner and forgot to book a hotel room for the night, check out HotelTonight. This site is great for that night deals instead of sleeping in your car.

Use my promo code TRPEEK1 and you’ll get CAD 30 off your first booking.

If you can’t settle on a hotel room, there is always Airbnb. If you are unfamiliar with Airbnb, it’s essentially a modern way of staying at a bed and breakfast. You can save a lot of money by using Airbnb if you are willing to share common areas with really cool people. 

I use Airbnb quite a bit, especially in Los Angeles as I always save hundreds of dollars compared to staying at a hotel. Check out this link to learn more about Airbnb.

My First Trip Experience

Curious what a West Coast Swing Baseball road trip looks like from starting North and heading South? Here is my itinerary was for my first trip.

Hwy 101 Will Be Your Friend

If you want a fast route to get the trip done fast, then the 1-5 will help your pacing. If you really want to experience the west coast swing baseball road trip and soak in amazing scenery then the 101 is your best option.

I started from the north and worked my way down. Starting from Seattle and working your way South, the 101 will get you to were you want to go with great views.

Seattle Mariners - T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA

Modern and Nostalgic are the best words to describe T-Mobile Park. Watching baseball before T-Mobile Park, you had to watch the game in a concrete bunker known as the Kingdome.

T-Mobile Park was introduced along with many parks being built at that time as the new traditional pattern. It is a natural grass park that has a retractable roof because the of the pacific northwest being a bit of a rainforest.

The stadium offers three levels of seating extend from the left field foul pole to home plate around to the right-field foul pole and into right centerfield. Bleacher seats are above the bullpens in the left field. The sweeping views of downtown and Puget sound offer a beautiful surrounding to the park.

Unfortunately, these views are better than the product on the field.

For food options, you have to try Grounders garlic fries. If you want to be adventurous, you have to try the fried grasshoppers. Edgar’s Cantina offers up some great Mexican food for a change of pace instead of just hotdogs and popcorn.

As for hotels in the area, I suggest the following:

Check out my article on what to do in Seattle in 48 hours for some great ideas.

Side note: If you are at Pike Place Market and craving an amazing Clam Chowder, check out Pike Place Chowder (click the link here.) I don’t work or affiliated with Pike Place Chowder, just that I love clam chowder and this place is “The Bomb!” 

Can a 40 year old still use the word “The Bomb”?

Second Stop, Oakland Coliseum(Oakland, CA)

Not the seats I had. Mine were behind home plate.

This stadium is a beast in regards to all the stadiums on this west coast swing baseball road trip! It really was made for football, and you can tell from the stands. Oakland Coliseum is built in a circular shape, with many of the seats stretching from foul pole to foul pole. It offers two video scoreboards above the left and right field bleachers.

Transportation to the stadium is very easy with a BART station(Metro) and a massive parking lot next to it. As for the area, its a vacant warehouse district, with very little in the ways of a pre-game meal.

When you enter the stadium, you can easily access the seats in the first or second levels. The lower and upper decks can be accessed via The main concourse. They do have an all you can eat section located in three sections of the upper deck directly behind home plate, but you must have tickets in those sections to access this option.

The fans are die-hard and great to be surrounded by, and they deserve a better park. The price of tickets was amazing, I bought two tickets, four rows up from the field behind home plate for $70.00 a piece. That is crazy! Third level nosebleeds seat at Dodger stadium were that price.

You can understand why Moneyball was created after being at this stadium, not many revenues to update the park or the product on the field. But, baseball is like pizza, no bad how the pizza is, it’s still pretty good.

Side Note: I heard they are building a new stadium which will be fantastic for those great fans.

As for hotels in the area, I suggest the following:

Fourth Stop, At&T Park (San Fransisco, CA)

Baseball Road trip

As a regular Seattle Mariner fan, AT&T Park makes me jealous a bit. AT&T Park is so far for me in a category of its own in regards to this baseball road trip. 

From above, the stadium appears to sink below the ground and feel like it‘s floating on water. The field is an immaculate green cut grass that looks like it has a glow to it.

As for views, there is not a bad view in the house. Plus, the outfield view of the bay is spectacular in case your eyes need a rest from the game. The location is amazing as well, like Seattle, there are so many tourist attractions in the area as well as food options before and after the game.

Transportation to the game is very easy if you don’t have a car as there is a BART Station nearby. For food in the park, everything that I tried was really good. You can get anything from BBQ to Donuts, and you will not be disappointed.

The fans are great, and very friendly as long as you don’t say youre a Dodger fan. Tickets range from $20.00 plus and higher.

Side note: Something I noticed in Oakland, and in San Fransisco as well, Bring a jacket just in case. I have been to San Francisco in the winter, and the weather was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the summer is a 60 degrees Fahrenheit and cold.

As for hotels in the area, I suggest the following:

Fifth Stop, Dodger Stadium(Los Angeles, CA)

Baseball Road trip

I have always wanted to watch a game at Dodgers Stadium. Its the third oldest park in the major leagues and its like a fine wine that aged gracefully. 

Getting there has some options, you can park next to the stadium, or take the train and get off at union station and they have a bus that takes you to the stadium.

The views from your seat are impressive, as you can see the mountains on one side of the park and downtown from the other side. The sunset from the stadium is spectacular.

Now, let talk about the park. I loved this ballpark, a great blend of an iconic team and a classic park. Fans obviously love their baseball and their Dodgers. It was also kind of cool to take an elevator down to the right level.

As for the food, I came for the dodger dog and only the dodger dog, and it was pretty tasty. Wished I tried more, but I wanted the dodger dog.

My only suggestion is to spend a few dollars on your ticket and move down towards the field.

Reason for this was I bought two tickets in the infield reserve for more money than my A’s tickets, and the section I was in ended up being full of drunk people and fist fights. I ended up moving after the third fist fight near me.

The section I moved to afterward was like a different world. Less alcohol and friendlier fans.

I still love this park a lot, but next time I will spend a few more dollars for security sake.

Side note: I have gone back to Dodgers Stadium a few times since my first visit and I splurged on tickets each time. The crowd is entirely different than the nosebleeds.

The crowd on the lower decks are more concerned with Instagram than the game, so you won’t have to worry about fist fights.

As for hotels in the area, I suggest the following:

If you have a few days in Los Angeles, check this article on how to visit Los Angeles during a weekend getaway.

Sixth stop, Angels Stadium(Anaheim, CA)

Arrive early at Angels Stadium and enter through the home plate entrance, as the home plate entrance is the stadium‘s grand entryway. You will notice a replica infield outlined in bricks from various Angels donors. From the entrance, you will notice two enormous Angels hats, which is a great gathering spot for fans to meet up.

You will notice in the outfield as really cool looking rock display, that is a great photo spot for the family. The fans at this park, are very friendly and welcoming.

The stadium doesn’t feel as old as it is, but the scoreboard needs a touch-up. This is a great place to watch a game, as I felt very relaxed during the night.

Food, I wish I ate something there as the food looked good, but being so close to downtown Disney the food options before and after the game are plentiful.

Side note: Downtown Disney has changed since I visited Angels Stadium as it’s not there anymore. It’s a political thing between Disney and the city, so maybe eat at the stadium?

As for hotels in the area, I suggest reading this article on the top Disneyland area hotels.

Last Stop, Petco Park, (San Diego, CA)

Petco Park is another park that evokes nostalgia in a new park. This was my last stop on my west coast baseball road trip. It reminds me of a bit of T-mobile park and At&T park in terms of old-school look in a modern building.

The park is surrounded by San Diego’s major attractions, and the area feels safe. Near the center field wall, there is a grassy area called Park at the Park, that is accessible to fans who have purchased a ticket to the game. It’s an off-beat and very Southern California idea that attracts its fair share of people.

The stadium is state-of-the-art and packed with modern amenities. The concourse walking area is surrounded by HDTVs for patrons to enjoy, and multiple LED video boards. This helps when you might have missed a play and want a replay.
The views from the seats are outstanding, and the crowd is different than most parks.

Because of being so close to the tourist attractions, you might see more people cheering for the visiting team than the home team.

For food in the park, I went to one place and only one place “Randy Jones‘s BBQ”. BBQ food that is memorable and good. 

As for hotels in the area, I suggest the following:

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