Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-Haul Flights

Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-Haul Flights

Surviving Guidelines – Flying on an airplane is a luxury as much as it is a privilege for travelers. 

Sometimes, this privilege is a smooth process from start to finish; and other times itʼs problematical and unpleasurable for everyone involved – especially the flight attendants. 

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Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-Haul Flights

Long haul flights advice

Part of having a good long haul flight requires being prepared with all the required long-haul travel essentials you might desire to make yourself more comfortable. 

The other part is having sociable interactions with your flight crew and fellow travelers so that theyʼre comfortable as well. 

The Flight Crew

Long haul flights advice

The Flight Crew have some of the toughest jobs in the world: they are hosts, waitresses, bartenders, customer service representatives, protection personnel, and sometimes, they are even your therapist or babysitter. 

They work long, unpredictable hours, despite jet-lag and sleeping in new destinations each night, and also have rigorous requirements for how they look, dress, and present themselves.

The Information I Gathered

I have friends that are commercial flight attendants for airlines across the country. 

They all have traveled the world as a flight crew, and I believe real travel experts through their years of working in the airline industry. 

I have asked them all his/her Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-haul Flights, and they spilled the beans to me. 

Do's & Don'ts For Air Travel

Have you ever entered a Costco and wondered how people even got to the location safely since they can’t push a buggy to save his/her life? 

It’s like every individual checked his/her brains in the parking lot and is free to roam like sheep inside a concrete bunker that never has cell reception. 

Well, unfortunately, air travel is the exact same situation as Costco if not worse from the stories I have listened to.

When you are on an airplane, every type of character you can imagine will be traveling with you to the same destination at the end. 

Some will be gracious, some will be quiet and withholding, and some will make it his/her mission to make everyone on board lives harder.

So from the experts in the industry, I give you these Surviving Guidelines For Long-haul Flights.

Keep Your Travel Essentials For The Plane In Your Personal Bag 

Long haul flights advice

First on the list of Surviving Guidelines, is all about travel essentials.

Rather than keeping your personal items in your carryon, that you won’t be able to access until the captain switches off the seatbelt sign, keep your travel necessities on you before takeoff. 

This way itʼs easily accessible while the airplane is still ascending as it tries to reach cruising altitude. 

Take your charger, book, laptop, and headphones from your carry on and place them in the seat back compartment or in your pockets. 

You never know when the seat belt sign will switch off, and so being prepared is better than to waiting for the seatbelt sign to go off. 

Bring Your Own Snacks 

Long haul flights advice

TSA allows people to bring food through, as long as there arenʼt any liquids over the 3.4oz maximum. 

Often times, airlines donʼt have the greatest food options while on board, plus the aluminum foil surprise tends to be extremely pricey for what it is. 

Think about packing snacks from home or purchasing some while youʼre in the terminal. 

Come Prepared With Your Own Entertainment

Surviving Guidelines

Did you know you can download Netflix programs to your devices via the app.? I didn’t, but now that I do, it’s so much easier to have entertainment handy with me at all times without using expensive WIFI.

This is a great way on how to cope with a long plane flight.

Another alternative is to download movies and shows before you come onboard. Most planes in the air today have in-air WiFi, but itʼs not very fast, and the in-flight entertainment might be lacking in shows. 

Come prepared with all your shows loaded up and ready to go, especially if you have children! 

Everyone around you will thank you. 

Stay Hydrated

Surviving Guidelines

For each hour you spend in the air, your body requires 8oz of water to stay completely hydrated, due to the change in altitude and pressure. 

Itʼs simple to get dehydrated when flying, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, and fainting. 

To prevent these potential risks, make sure you have water with you at all times. 

Worried about the water from the airplane taps; I know I am, so think about purchasing a couple of large bottles of water before entering the plane. 

Don’t want to spend money on water that is more expensive than gas at the pump, taking a collapsible water bottle, or a large non-leak water bottle and fill it at the airport water stations before the flight.


Inform Your Flight Attendants of Any Relevant Medical Conditions

Nervous flyers, people with allergies, and those with medical conditions like epilepsy should always let the flight crew know beforehand so they can be fully prepared in the event of an emergency. 

Bring Gum or Something Rubbery

Surviving Guidelines

Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-Haul Flights – Chewing will help to equalize the pressure in your sinuses. If youʼre feeling congested, bring a decongestant and nasal sprays with you. 

I cannot stress that enough! Ear agony is one of the many common complaints the flight crew has mentioned to me that they can’t help solve. 

As much as they want to help the passengers, there is not much they can do. 

Also, the flight crew are not allowed to chew gum while working so don’t ask if they can spare a stick.

Control Your Behavior and Alcohol Consumption 

Nobody wants the plane to be diverted to the nearest alternative airport to escort an unruly passenger onboard, and they will try diffusing the state before it gets to that. 

Passengers on board all have stories on why they are flying to the same destination as you are. Some could be heading out to dream vacations that have been planned for years, or maybe there’s a person on board just returning from a funeral. 

Long haul flight advice is if you are at the lounge bar before the flight, think about what that fifth drink might do for the whole plane besides yourself.

Be Softhearted

Traveling is stressful. 

From driving to the airport, going through security, the excruciating boarding customs, sitting in a cramped seat with a child kicking the back of your seat, itʼs easy to get irritated. 

Everybody on board all has the same goal in mind: to get from point A to point B. Exercise some concern and patience to your fellow passengers and your cabin crew. 

After all, youʼre literally flying through the air, which is a modern miracle worth celebrating. 

Bring Gifts for Flight Attendants

Surviving Guidelines

If you want to get on the flight crewʼs good side, treat your flight attendants. 

The flight crew is tremendously appreciative to receive any sort of thanks from our passengers, because it is a fairly thankless job, especially in the current climate of flying. 

If you bring something petite along with you, like chocolates or mints (or maybe Starbucks gift cards if youʼre feeling ambitious), you just might get a free drink out of it, too! 

Donʼt Ring the Flight Attendant ring up Button 

Donʼt ring the ring up button unless thereʼs an emergency. 

During training, the flight crew is taught that reach buttons should be answered immediately and automatically assume that thereʼs an emergency. 

If you ring the reach button because you don’t want your half-eaten sandwich anymore, it may not make your flight enjoyable afterward. 

If you need to get in touch with the flight crew get up, go to the galley and ask whatever it is you need. 

Keep Your Window Shades Open for Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing 

Pilots, maintenance, engineers, and cabin crew are all trained to spot potential dangers throughout the aircraft. 

That being said, itʼs very possible that something could go awry after the flight crew completes landing check, so having the shades open you can help the flight crew of whatʼs going on outside. 

If you notice excess fuel coming from the engine, or a fire or something purely doesnʼt look right, you could be the first to notice and save the day. 

Donʼt hesitate to ask questions or point out things that seem off to you because the crew is there for everyone’s safety.

Be Considerate That A Plane Is A Shared Space

Galley yoga, leaving massive messes in seats, causing a scene by being unruly, etc. are all sure to piss a flight crew. 

They are all purely trying to get to the destination comfortably and peacefully, and the flight crew I have spoken to are never happy with a person that has no regard for the comfort of others. 

Donʼt Treat The Flight Crew As A Personal Assistant

Surviving Guidelines

Be respectful as in don’t grab them, poke them for attention or shout at them. 

If you are a CEO of a company thinking that with a snap of the fingers, the flight crew will come to your attention, you are in for a rude awakening. 

Plus, I can’t reiterate this enough, and I should have to say this but if you think that flirting with the flight crew will get you a date afterward, then stay at home. 

Some individuals still have the impression that the flight crew is up for anything. 

Bad news for those individuals, the flight crew can smell the desperation from a mile away. 


These Ultimate Surviving Guidelines For Long-Haul Flights are just there to keep you aware when you need to fly. Some of these seem obvious, but they are always great things to keep in mind while traveling. Happy flying!

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