Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know – Traveling is always an adventure whether you are just starting your journey on the mad rush to the airport or exploring your final destination the key is how you can handle the adventure part when you are at the airport.

Always having a game plan when it comes to airports makes the insanity saner. I have come up with The Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know to help your journey flow like the wind.

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know

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Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know

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Here is a trick I always when I pack my luggage: First, lay out the clothes and shoes you’re planning on taking. Next, put half of them back in the closet. Think about what you can re-wear and wash to keep it simple.

When it comes to shoes you really only need 2 pairs. Yes, only 2. Wear your comfortable, bulkier hiking/walking shoes on the plane and pack your sandals or dress shoes in your carryon or checked luggage. This could save you money and grief during your journey.

Pack An Empty Water Bottle

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know Have you ever paid attention while going through security how many water bottles that are half full or the cap hasn’t even been cracked? With the 100ml rule in regards to the TSA, there is not much you can bring through security. 

That’s why I recommend packing an empty water bottle in your carry-on luggage.

Two great options that I suggest are a collapsible water bottle and the Brita filtration water bottle.

The collapsible water bottle is rollable and foldable with metal carabiner and retainer band for clip-on and storage, perfect for storing in a purse or knapsack.

The Brita filtration water bottle filters as you drink, reducing Chlorine (taste & odor) found in tap water. filters as you drink, reducing Chlorine (taste & odor) found in tap water. Great for major cities that don’t have the greatest tasting water in the world.

Plus, when the charge for water past security is so expensive that you need to take a loan out to even buy one, you will be thankful for your refillable water bottle.

Portable Charger

Having a portable charger can be a serious lifesaver when you’re on-the-go or unable to find an open outlet at the airport. An airport hack and tip you can also use your portable charger to charge your phone while on the plane so it will be ready to use when you land.

I also like a portable power strip which can power 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports and charge everything in your carryon bag before boarding your plane. when everyone is fighting for an electrical outlet at the terminal, you will be thankful for your multiport charger.

Don’t have six things to charge at once? This is the best way to make friends and let others fighting an empty socket to plug in. Who knows, you might get a free drink out of this for being the person who saves the day

Make Your Laptop Easy To Grab

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowWhen going through airport security, you’ll have to take out your laptop. I see so many passengers fuel around looking for a laptop that is at the bottom of the carryon bag next to the underwear. Why not pack your laptop in an easy to access place so you won’t have to scramble through your carry-on luggage to find it in the security line. 

Lately, I’ve been using the eBags laptop backpack because of its easy-access compartments and padded laptop compartment in the center with a top zipper closure. The backpack is perfect for easy access to my MacBook and any other electronics I need to grab fast. 

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Decorate Your Suitcase 

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowWhen you are waiting for your luggage there is always that one traveler who mistakes his/her bags for yours.

If you are using a black suitcase like everyone else on the flight, Use this airport baggage hack of tying a bright-colored ribbon on the handles, or bright luggage tags so it’ll be easy to identify.

I suggest colorful luggage tags because they are easy to track down on the belt.

I also recommend using a hard shell luggage case since they can be sturdier than soft-sided luggage and are a breeze to clean. 

My must-have carry-on accessories: 

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Pack Snacks 

Airplane either comes in a box or in a foil surprise, which is why I always recommend bringing your own healthy snacks instead. 

Just make sure to check the TSA rules ahead of time so you know what you can and cannot bring through airport security. 

Stay Warm 

It can get a little chilly when sitting on the plane, which is why I always pack a pair of warm socks and hoodie. Staying warm can go a long way to making your flight more comfortable. 

Going Through Security? Head Left 

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know –Research shows that people naturally gravitate toward the right lane, so do the opposite and go left. Chances are the left lane will be slightly quieter and less hectic, although this may not always be the case. 

Maybe this has to do with the majority being right handed vs left handed. One best airport hacks you should remember just before security.

Don’t Be Shy, Just Ask

If you don’t ask you don’t get. If you are traveling alone or celebrating a special event with your partner, like a honeymoon, can make it easier to get a free flight upgrade. Be polite and ask quietly, the worst they can say is no.

Also, if you don’t have any plans on your way home, think about offering your seat up for some extra cash for the next flight afterward.

Another Airport hacks you never knew is to pay attention to gate agents possible desperation look. I was on a flight from Seattle back to Victoria recently where the airline was so desperate that they kept increasing the cash compensation to the point that everyone who volunteered all received the same money.

So with offering my seat twice, and then overnighting in a hotel to fly out the next day, I made $2000.00 plus a free night stay in Seattle. Ka-Ching!

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Hotel Toiletries 

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowInstead of paying for travel-sized toiletries, bring hotel toiletries from past trips with you on your next trip. This works great for frequent travelers and saves you money too. Plus, I find that hotel toiletries better than what I use at home.

Who uses L’occitane at home daily? If you do, then can I stay at your house instead of a sketchy Airbnb?

Wear Glasses Vs. Contacts

Whether you wear contacts or not, you’ll notice that your eyes and skin will feel dry during the flight. 

Wear glasses instead of contacts and bring a small bottle of hand lotion and eye drops with you to keep moisturized. 

Layer Up

Going back to the first tip of Airport Hacks at the beginning, if you have packed and repacked and still If worried about your luggage being over the weight limit, consider wearing your heavier clothing through airport security.

Once you pass through security, then you can make a quick outfit change. Have a breakdown duffel in your carryon will give you extra space to put your clothes in afterward if you have no room in your carryon

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Fly The Red-eye 

For those who can sleep on airplanes, you are in luck. Evening flights are often cheaper than earlier flights, and the airport is usually less busy at this time too.

If you don’t mind a sore neck after a rough sleep on the plane, you can arrive in the morning at your destination to make the most of your trip. 

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Check In 24-hours Before Your Flight 

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowSet a reminder for 24 hours before your flight on your smartphone. Unless you require a particular seat, I recommend waiting until you can select a free seat 24 hours before your flight. This allows you to avoid waiting in the check-in line at the airport, which is great if you’re traveling with just carry-on luggage

For those who need to check their luggage, head to the airline kiosk to print your baggage tag (and boarding pass if you don’t already have an electronic copy).

This can save you time and you might be allowed to head straight to the baggage line after, instead of waiting in the check-in line.

Plus, airlines are now charging more money if you pay to check luggage at the airport vs at home.

Check For The Best Seat On The Plane Before Check In 

Check SeatGuru to find out which seats receive the best reviews on your flight. This is helpful if you want extra legroom and comfort.

One the Airport Hacks for those like me worried about the smell of the lavatories is carrying Poo-Pourri with you on flights.

You may laugh at the name, but when you experience something that will stay in your memory forever, circumvent this by just a simple spray.

Take A Snapshot Of Your Parking Spot

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowThis should pretty much go for anywhere you park. If you’re parking and flying, make sure to snap a photo of where you parked your car (for example Level 2, section E).

You don’t want to come back from a fun vacation only to forget where you parked your car. Also, do this airport parking hack at theme parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios where it can be confusing at times where the car was parked in the morning. 

Empty Your Pockets Before Security

Airport security can be stressful, which is why it’s a good idea to store all your loose items (coins, keys, etc.) in your carry-on luggage. You don’t want to wait until you reach the conveyor belt at airport security to remove these items, as it takes up time and could cause delays.

That’s why I carry a simple RFID wallet, that is so simple to slide into my carryon, plus it will avoid skimming while you are traveling.


The airport and airplane travel hacks you must know if you are a germaphobe is sanitize! The first thing you need to do when you board your airplane is start disinfecting your tray table and armrests.

I have seen parents change his/her babies at a place where people eat.  Always keep wet wipes or hand sanitizer in your carry-on luggage to use at the airport and during your flight. 

Check The Airline Website Before Leaving Home

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know Checking your flight’s status before leaving home can give you a quick heads up of what to expect.

If your flight has been delayed, you won’t need to rush to the airport and if it has been canceled, you can get on the phone to rebook another flight.

There is nothing like finding out that the airplane you were originally scheduled for was delayed 4 hours and being rerouted through a different city with another 4-hour layover. I have had this a few months ago traveling to Toronto, and if I looked before I left home I could have left later, or arranged a different flight.

Bring Extra Ziploc bags 

Organiztion is key while traveling, and You never know when a Ziploc bag might come in handy while traveling. Store your liquids in a Ziploc bag so they’re easy to access when going through airport security. I also like to store my electronics (cords, chargers, etc.) in a Ziploc bag so they don’t get tangled up in my luggage. I also like the large ziplock bags to pack my for dirty clothes while I am traveling.

Understand The Terminal Map Before Heading To The Airport 

Start researching the airport you will be arriving and departing in/out of beforehand as you can prepare yourself for restaurants and shops that are available at the airport you are departing from. 

You might be able to grab a healthy meal and do some last minute shopping before your flight. 

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Have A Favorite Travel Outfit

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know –Having a designated travel outfit can help make life easier when flying. wear something that is comfortable but not out of place. The rocker t-shirt and torn jeans may not be appropriate. Also, Airplanes can be quite dirty and you don’t want to ruin a nice outfit on the plane. 

My go-to outfit is a pair of jeans, a comfortable sweatshirt, a light bomber jacket with lots of pockets to store things and a pair of comfortable shoes. I never have to think about what I’m going to wear when flying since I already have my go-to travel outfit. 

Take A Snapshot Of Your Luggage

Even if you make your luggage stand out with a bright-colored ribbon or crazy looking luggage tag, it’s helpful to have a picture of your checked baggage on your phone. 

That way if you need airline staff to locate it, it could help make their job easier than just having a luggage receipt alone. 

Think about purchasing Wireless Anti-lost Key/Luggage Finder if you are always worried about your bag. The Wireless Finder is perfect for tracking down pretty much anything including your pets.

Keep Updated With The TSA

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should KnowRead the TSA Website before you travel. The rules can change from one day to the next depending on what is happening in the world at that moment. 

To avoid any problems at airport security, spend a few minutes getting familiar with all the rules. Know what you can bring on board the plane and which items are restricted. 

If there is one thing you should always remember is the 3-1-1- rule. That’s (3.4 oz bottle or less; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger)

Don’t Rush To The Gate

It never fails, as soon as boarding begins, everyone seems to rush to the gate.

Please, I beg of you to wait until your zone or section is called to avoid crowding around the gate. 

If you are worried about overhead cabin space, take of the essentials for the flight, and let the airline does the rest. They are trained professionals.

The plane won’t leave without you and you’ll have plenty of time to get on board. 

How To Deal With Flight Cancellations 

If your flight has been canceled, never wait in the long line up to rebook. Instead find an airport phone (free when calling the airline) and call to rebook your flight instead. 

The representative on the phone can do the same thing as the representative at the check-in counter, and it’s usually faster too. 

Be Aware Of Where To Pick Up Your Luggage

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know –Depending on where you are traveling to if you have a connection that requires you to take your checked luggage to another conveyor belt, find out beforehand what the procedures are. 

This happens a lot to me when I am flying anywhere from Canada to another country where I have to clear customs. Just knowing you are picking up your bag beforehand makes things easier compared to having to run back to grab your luggage and almost miss your connecting flight.

Bring Your Own Headphones 

Instead of paying extra for the headphones they sell on the plane, always make sure to bring your own pair.

Most of the time, these disposable earbuds they sell you are garbage in terms of sound, and if you are on an 11-hour flight with low-quality headphones makes the flight feel longer. 

I suggest the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones because the sound is incredible, and the noise canceling is awesome! Especially, when you need to block out the screaming baby chorus or the person beside you who snores louder than the baby chorus.

Also, I recommend having a charged smartphone or tablet so you can connect to their in-flight entertainment. 

Latley, some airlines are getting rid of individual screens on the back of the seats and switching to a free app, which you can download at the airport. If you forget to download the app, tablets are available to rent on the airplane for a fee.

Find A Place To Yourself Before Boarding 

Ultimate Airport Hacks All Travelers Should Know – is finding an area to have a moment of zen for not so great fliers.

Give yourself enough space away from your gate, where you can avoid other passengers at the gate fighting for a free seat.

Being stepping on our having carryon luggage roll over your feet isn’t the best way to start a flight.

Just make sure to set a reminder on your phone so you have plenty of time to reach your gate. 

Get Customs Ready

To avoid any unnecessary delays and have a smooth arrival, be sure to make a good impression at immigration. I like to have a hard copy of my flights, hotel reservations, a credit card (or some of the local currency) on hand to show just in case. 

Also, make sure to fill out your travel declaration card correctly to avoid any problems, and check to see if you require a visa before entering the country you plan on visiting.


I hope that at least a few of the Airport Hacks are new to you, and some might be just a refresher.

Traveling  should be fun, and if you are prepared, any flight going forward will be the best yet.

Side Note: I really wish I had Seattle airport hacks and Toronto airport hacks to share but I don’t. Those are the two airports I seem to connect through, and probably most frustrating ones to connect through.

My only suggestion to pass along for those airports is get a Nexus Pass! It helps you fly through security, especially when three planes come in at the same time.

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