Top 10 Tips To Breeze Through Airport Security

Top 10 Tips To Breeze Through Airport Security

With air travel more affordable than ever, airports could not be any busier than ever before.

The problem with the increased demand, airport staffing haven’t been able to keep up with the massive influx of passengers. 

The days of showing up one hour before departure, are a think of the past.

If you are thinking that you have spare time once you get past airport security to grab a coffee and browse the latest magazines before boarding your plan, think again. 

That is why these 10 tips to breeze through airport security will help ease the burden of the mad rush to grab and go before departing on your next journey. 

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Stay Updated With Flight Status

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Stuff happens to say the least. With the crazy and stressful lives we all live, we sometimes forget the simple things. Case in point, staying up to date with the flight status of your flight.

I recently took a flight from Victoria, BC, to Toronto, Ontario, and when I checked my flight status before I left my house, something was just not right. The airport’s website was stating my flight was canceled, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. 

Since I was an early riser, I was able to reach the air carrier within 15 minutes to find out there were mechanical issues, and another plane that will be departing 5 hours later will be my flight. So, I decided to go to the gym, have a nice breakfast, and then leisurely drive to the airport. 

By the time I showed up at the airport, it had been a madhouse of frantic passengers about to miss his/her connections at other airports and other situations. Since I already checked in at home, I breezed through airport security, and then sat down for a cup of coffee and read a book on my kindle while I waited.

There were passengers on the same flight sitting next to me that looked exhausted, and I asked what time they arrived at the airport. The passenger showed up at the previous departure time and has been waiting for hours. There were at least 75 people around me that looked like they were in the same boat.

The moral of the story is always keeping tabs on your flight before you leave your house because you never know when you might be stuck in an airport that the only snack options are that of a vending machine. 

Online Check-In

If you understand the first way of breezing through airport security, then it Segways nicely to this point of using Online Check-in at home.

If you are a light packer on a business trip or a savvy traveler who has figured out how to pack a carry-on for 7 days to avoid checked baggage fees, then this will save you time at the airport.

If you have figured out how to pack a carry-on then read my article on Ultimate Guide To Packing For International Travel because it will give you tips on how to pack properly to avoid those crazy airline fees.

Plus, I have started noticing that certain airlines are now charging for paper tickets if you check in at the airport. If you check in at home, you have a paper copy as well as you can send your boarding pass to your smartphone for back up.

If you want a simple way to create space in a carry-on, I will suggest purchasing packing cubes which I use for every trip. They are perfect for separating clothes into numerous categories, like a cube for underwear, a cube for pants, and so on.

Plus, in the event, you have to go through secondary at security, it’s more painless for the repacking the carry-on after the screening.

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Packing Cubes Available On

Tickets, Money, Passports...

Tickets, Money, Passport” This is a line repeated in my head over and over again before I hit the road and travel to the airport.

What I do is I photograph all my travel documents on my phone, and send it to apple cloud. This way if I lose my passport or credit card, I can access the documents fast! 

This really helps when you are traveling to a foreign destination that you may have a language barrier in communication. There is nothing like trying to get another passport in another country with nothing to prove its you. It‘s has happened to me in China, and it was not fun.

Also, before you leave for the airport, have all your documents in a travel holder like the Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet and hang in on the doorknob of your front door.  You don’t have to wear it around your neck when you are traveling, unless you want to, but it’s easier to have all your documents in one place.

By doing this, you are for sure not to leave your house without all the proper documents you will need for your journey.

Plus, going through airport security organized becomes very painless as you have everything in one place.

Understand Your Departing Airport Beforehand

There used to be a great website that no longer exists called Gateguru that I used quite often because I was able to map out my departing airport for food, restrooms, etc.

Since the site has recently been shut down, I have resorted to searching the official airport websites that I depart from to plot a map for myself. 

By the way, some official airport websites are that good. Some of the airport improvement fees that we all pay for should go into better web design.

Understanding the departing airport helps because you will get a better idea of how far your gates are from security, how many security lanes there are, and if you can stop a sit-down restaurant near your gate compared the same old fast food.

Weigh Before You Go

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Sure certain airports have scales before check-in, but do you really want to play luggage roulette before check in? 

I remember when I was departing out of Tokyo a few years ago, I was two lbs over the check-in limit. Since the country to me is a very by the book culture(which I love by the way and that’s not sarcasm), my wife and I had to frantically take clothes out of one suitcase and position it in another to balance each other out. 

Not our finest moment, as it absolutely is a true test of a marriage if a couple doesn’t bicker during that weigh scale game. 

Therefore, if you want to avoid making a scene at the terminal, and trust me, people are watching, get yourself a luggage scale like the MYCARBON Digital Scale seen below.

Dress Appropriately

I know that the days of wearing your Sunday best while traveling is a thing of the past, but using common sense for your airport attire helps a lot.

The key is to be comfortable on your flight, so wearing a travel hoodie and a pair of joggers is great. 

But avoid wearing the leather jacket with metal studs and chains on it, you won’t be going through security in a breeze. But you might get to visit secondary if you want. 

Also, when it comes to footwear, wear shoes that you can quickly remove and then put back on. 

Side Note: When it comes to jewelry, some pieces may not have to be taken off before security, but when it comes to watches, rings, and earrings, you might have a problem. 

Make sure you take anything metallic that is on you at the time and either stow away in your carry-on or place in in the plastic bin before security. This will make going through airport security a breeze. 

Airport Security Rules

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If you are unaware of any recent changes to TSA rules, check out the TSA Website before had to avoid confusion at the airport. 

Rules that haven’t changed in a while are that laptops must be removed from their cases and placed in their own bin unless youʼre in a TSA Pre✓® row. 

Make sure that any liquids in your carry-on bag are in a clear plastic bag. Most airport security lines have bags readily available, but having some zip lock bags with you just in case helps as well. 

Plus, make sure you throw away any plastic bottles with liquid in them before going through airport security. If thereʼs a bottle with liquid in your bag itʼll have to be re-screened, adding a lot of time not making the airport security situation a breeze. 

Once you are down through security, collect your bags and move out of the way. I find that people hover the belt too long after and then take forever to put their belongings back in order. 

What I do, is when I see my carry-on and tray, immediately grab them and move away from the screening which tends to have seating that nobody uses. Then I have all the space in the world to put everything back to where it once belonged. 


These 7 Tips To Breeze Through Airport Security maybe common sense to some, and a reminder for others, but being prepared is the best way to breeze through airport security.

I hope that you use some of these tips, and your next journey will be a stress free adventure.

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