The Ultimate Sleeping Bags Guide For Your Adventures

The Ultimate Sleeping Bags Guide For Your Adventures

With winter starting to fade away and leading us towards warmer weather for the next few months ahead, its time to think about camping season. The experience of sleeping under the stars and eating a cooked dinner over an open fire is the best experience out there.

But when it comes to camping, there is one thing that needs to be packed to experience it all, and that is the sleeping bag.

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What Is A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is an insulated covering for a person, essentially a lightweight quilt that should be closed with a zipper or similar means to form a tube, which functions as lightweight, portable bedding in circumstances where a person is sleeping outdoors (e.g. when camping, hiking, hill walking or climbing).

Its primary purpose is to provide warmth and thermal insulation through its plastic or down insulation. It typically has a water-resistant or water-repellent cover that protects, to some extent, against wind chill and light precipitation.

What Are The Uses Of A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

There are a wide range of sleeping bags meant for varied purposes. Extremely thinly insulated sleeping bags are designed for summer camping use or for indoor use by children during slumber parties.

Well-insulated bags are meant for cold weather use. The many well-insulated and lightweight sleeping bags, which are designed for grave backpackers and adventurers, are more expensive than lightly insulated sleeping bags.

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Types Of Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bag

One type of sleeping bag, is the mummy bag, which is named because it has an insulated hood for the head.

A bivouac sack (bivy) is a waterproof cover for a sleeping bag that could be used in place of a tent by minimalist, experienced hikers. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag will probably be one of the most expensive items in your backpack, but it could easily be your favorite piece of gear too.

Budget sleeping bags get down around the $150 range and high-end sleeping bags can easily top $500.

How long do they last?

With regular weekend use, a down sleeping bag can often last 10-15 years, especially for higher fill power down.

In comparison, a synthetic bag might begin to feel colder in as little as 3-4 years.

Maintaining A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have to be cleaned in a front-loader washing machine as the agitation in a traditional top-loader can damage the insulation.

Wash one sleeping bag at a time and be sure to toss in a few other light items to make sure the load remains balanced.

I recommend using the gentle cycle and cool water.

How to get smells out of a bag

  1. Unzip your sleeping bag to allow air to circulate inside and deodorize the fabric. Lay your sleeping bag in a sunny location for three to five hours to kill mildew spores still living on the fibers.
  2. Brush the lemon paste off with a dry cloth. …
  3. Rinse the sleeping bag fabric by blotting it with a damp cloth.
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What To Look For When Buying A Sleeping Bag


Some bags come in a standard, unisex sizing, which usually means a man’s fit.

Women-specific sleeping bags are often wider around the hips, narrower around the shoulders and with extra insulation at the feet.

Some men could prefer women’s bags; conversely, taller, slimmer women may prefer a men’s or unisex option.

Temperature ratings

Every sleeping bag has a temperature gauge. The Comfort level is the one to look for, as this tells you how cool it may be before you start to feel cold – the lower the temperature the greater.

You’ll notice there’s also a Limit and Extreme temp noted (or variations on these terms). As everyone feels cold/heat differently, use the Comfort figure as a guide to the bag’s limitations.


The ideal bag combines low weight and high warmth. Also, look at how small it packs down in its compression sack – can you fit it in your luggage?


Look for two-way zips that open the length of the sleeping bag, so you may open the bottom end to vent your feet if necessary. Check that there is a great size baffle of fabric and fill behind the zips to keep out draughts.


Sleeping bags are filled with one of two types of insulation: down (eider, goose or duck) or synthetic (a mixture of man-made fibres).

Naturally light, down insulation readily offers the most excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. It is usually a mix of feathers and down; the higher the down content, the better it will be at trapping warm air, but the more expensive it will be.

Manufacturers advertise a ‘fill power’ (e.g. 500, 700 etc.) – the higher the number, the higher the quality of the down and the more efficiently it will keep you warm.

Plastic insulation should be as warm as down though usually doesn’t pack quite as petite. It also works well even when wet (when down gets wet it will stop insulating, unless it is hydrophobic). The cheaper the fill (and bag), it’s less likely to be efficient.

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Top Rated Bags On Amazon

Western Mountaineering Alpinlite Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down

This bag is wide, warm, and packed with features. With a 3-dimensional full down collar, a full-length YKK zipper, and 5? of loft, the Alpinlite has quickly become one of our most popular models.

Our award winning Ultra-lite has been a favourite among lightweight backpackers for more than a decade because of being a compact sleeping bag. The Alpinlite is just a wide version of that great bag.

There are many 20° down mummy bags on the market, but none have the width, warmth, or loft of this bag.

Promising Customer Review: “Fantastic sleeping bag! It really has it all…warmth, light weight, packs small, and is very roomy. It is pricey, but sometimes you have to pay a premium to get the best sleeping bags, and my research and experience suggests that this is the best overall bag in the 20 degree range. For those looking for a good bag on a budget you can consider the Cats Meow by North Face. However, if you have the money, there is nothing that compares to the comfort of the Alpinlite.”

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Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 Degree F 650 Fill Power Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag with Allied LofTech Base

Professionally designed for thru-hiking, backpacking, and camping, this bag boasts superior weight-to-warmth ratio and is the ultimate sleeping bag for saving space and weight.

Stay Warm as a result of Hydrophobic Down insulation capabilities and waterproof fabrics – the microscopic air clusters found in down feathers creates “loft” that traps heat and keeps you warm from 20 to 40 degrees.

Hike Farther with one of the lightest 15 degree mummy down sleeping bags available (weighs just over 3 lbs).

Long Lasting Durability from ultralight water repellent 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric liner with double large YKK zippers and anti-snag slider, wide shoulders and large footbox, snag-free velcro, drawstring, horizontal baffles, and compression stuff sack case for storage included. Available in size Short, Regular or Long (Tall / XL).

Promising Review: “I have yet to review anything that I have bought on amazon but this sleeping bag deserves to be the first!

My buddy recently bought a Big Agnes lightweight sleeping bag and has been raving about it BUT it was a couple hundred bucks and I wasn’t about that nonsense.

I have been backpacking for a couple of years now and have done a couple 20+ mile hikes and have been slowly upgrading my equipment. I planned a trip to Escalante, Utah this past weekend and was looking a cold weather bags, so I started searching and came across Hyke & Byke.

I considered getting a liner as well but thought I could just layer up if need be. The first night it got down to about 22 degrees so I had two pairs of leggings, a warm weather long sleeve and my Patagonia Nano Puff.

It took about 10 minutes for me to get warmed up and in the middle of the night I had to lose all my extra layers because I felt like I was in an oven! So impressed with this bag.

Not to mention, my buddy with his $400 bag woke up telling me he had a chill all night. So, needless to say, this bag is legit. Light, super compressible yet extremely fluffy when you roll it out. If you are looking for a backpacking sleeping bag, I highly recommend this bag!”

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Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree DriDown Sleeping Bag

Hotter than ever, the Kelty Cosmic 20° DriDown Mummy Sleeping Bag features the exceptional warmth of 600-fill hydrophobic DriDown™ for higher performance.

That means more moisture defense and quicker drying in the cold and wet. Versatile enough to use in 3 seasons, with great features like a thermal comfort hood and top draft collar, it’s a no-brainer for backpackers who love to be outside in rain, snow or shine.Top draft collar..

Quilt-through construction..Thermal-comfort hood and natural fit footbox..Zipper draft tube with anti-snag design..EN Comfort Limit:19°F / -7°C.Stuff sack included..

Promising Review: ” I bought this bag for colder weather after I bought a cosmic down 41 degree bag. I really liked that bag so I bought the same make and model with a colder temperature rating.

I took this bag out on a weekend trip to do a section of the PCT. After a long day on the trail, I was really looking forward to crawling into it that night. The temperature took a nose dive and my buddy and I found ourselves in our bags sitting around the campsite. He also had a Cosmic Down 20 (his was a much older model-it was red).

When it came time for bed the temperature was in the lower 30’s, I slept in some wool socks, a base layer shirt and my fleace jacket (somehow my base layer pants didn’t make it into my bag) and was warm for most of the night. At one point the temperature dropped into the mid 20’s and I woke up with cold feet and legs. I threw a couple of hand warmers into the toe box and once they started working I slept comfortably the rest of the night.

I’m looking forward to many more nights in the backcountry with this bag!

Amateur campers take note: a sleeping bag won’t keep you toasty warm all the way down to its rated temperature. It will keep you alive though! Start adding layers of clothing when the outside temperature drops and you can stay comfortable to the rated temperature though.”

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KAMMOK Thylacine – Synthetic Sleeping Bag (Base Bag – 40ºF)

Kammok designs high-performance outdoor gear for elevated camping. From camping hammocks to technical sleep systems, our products are built clever to last forever. Find us in person at REI, Cabela’s, Patagonia, and more. Gear up for your next adventure.

Key Features

The Kammok Thylacine Synthetic Sleeping Bag is an innovative sleep system tailored to your body, built with Variable Warmth Technology and CustomFit adjustments to control the comfort and width of your bag. The Thylacine Synthetic is a 40°F bag on its own or a 20°F sleep system with the Thylacine Down Liner (sold separately).

Promising Review:” This is the perfect bag for big and small folks. With straps to adjust the size, it packs down tight on my smaller frame but also fits my husband if he steals my bag. It keeps you plenty warm for Rocky Mountain nights. You won’t regret getting this bag.”

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TETON Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

When you want to cuddle while you camp, choose the TETON Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Sleeping Bag. You’ll be warm, comfortable, and have plenty of room for two. It is built to last a lifetime.

The 100% cotton flannel lining feels like soft bed sheets, zipper and shoulder draft tubes keep the cold air out, and offset seams distribute our SuperLoft Elite fill evenly to eliminate chilly spots.

Mummy-style hood keeps your head warm and off the ground.

The Fahrenheit Mammoth has three no-snag, self-repairing zippers that open on either side or the bottom so you can adjust ventilation or enjoy two giant comforters. Comes with a free stuff sack.

When the time comes be sure to stuff the bag into its compression sack, don’t try to roll it up and then put it back in the sack. Like all TETON Sports sleeping bags, the Fahrenheit Mammoth Sleeping Bag comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Promising Review:” The bag itself is fantastic! But like others have said in their reviews – the person who designed the bag that this goes into is a complete moron…

The inner fabric feels really nice against your skin. Some sleeping bags have a fabric that just makes you hot and sweaty but this one keeps you plenty warm without getting sweaty. The zippers seem to be really nice and heavy duty and should last a long time. It was very comfortable to sleep in next to my wife.

Now that stupid bag you have to shove this into when you are done is a complete joke… It takes two people with all their might to roll it up small enough to attempt to fit it in. In reality it is never in there good enough, is always lumpy and in balanced, and is entirely frustrating. When I get a chance to buy larger sleeping bags of some sort for it I’ll jump on the opportunity.

But, even with the terrible bag design, the sleeping bag itself is really great and I’d recommend it.”

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US Military Genuine Issue Complete 4 Piece Modular Sleeping Bag System

The MSS sleeping bags and other components are constructed to be used in conjunction with each other, or separately to complete an interoperable system known as the extreme cold weather sleeping bag.

The MSS is designed to provide comfort in temperatures ranging from 50°F to -50°F when wearing various layers of extreme cold weather clothing. The Water proof Bivy Cover is produced utilizing waterproof, moisture-vapor-permeable material with all seams heat sealed.

The Compression Stuff Sack is constructed with water resistant materials with adequate volume for both bags as well as the Bivy cover. This unique sack compresses the system to one cubit foot.

Promising Review:” This item is a “must-have” for every prepper or anyone thinking about hiking or camping. These sleeping bag systems don’t stand a chance against anything else. You can tell the high quality of the system right off the bat and keep in mind that the US troops use these systems overseas. I’ve spoken to my friends that are veterans and they also agreed that no other sleeping systems even comes close. 

If you live in a warmer climate, you would be fine with even the intermediate bag, the patrol bag, or even the bivvy cover if it’s really warm. Keep in mind that when talking about survival, you have 3 sleeping bags in this system. Even using the bivvy cover as a sleeping bag and putting a pad or tarp underneath it will go a long way. You can use this system without a tent or a tarp because the bivvy cover makes it waterproof. This sleep system enables you to sleep comfortably in rain, wind, snow, or any other conditions comfortably. 

Brand new, these sleeping systems are extremely expensive but definitely worth every dollar. A best bet would be to buy a lightly used system or a “very good” condition system for a fraction of the brand-new price and still have all the benefits that this product offers. Keep in mind that this system weighs close to 12 lbs with everything if weight is a factor for you. 

Also since the bivvy can be used as a makeshift sleeping bag by putting a tarp or a pad underneath and having some kind of cover, you actually have 3 sleeping bags for 3 people in a chaotic scenario or if someone forgot to bring their sleeping bag.”

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Marmot Trestles 15 Cold-Weather Mummy Sleeping Bag, 15-Degree Rating

Featuring SpiraFil high-loft insulation, the Trestles mummy-style sleeping bag retains the exceptional warmth, softness, and compressibility of a natural down bag, with the added moisture resistance that comes with synthetic insulation.

It is also EN rated as comfortable for men to the lower limit of 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Trestles’s combination wave construction offers warmth and maximum loft on top, and a plush, blanket-like feel on the bottom—keeping your body in comfort all night long.

Promising Review: ” Bag is pretty light. Compression bag comes in pretty handy. Slept in moab utah two nights ago and nevada night before…Got down to about 40 and I wasnt cold at all. Would have given it 5 stars but the zippers are a bit finicky. They work fine but you need to be cautious in the dark so they dont jam on. Nice sleeping bag.”

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Extra Information

Some bags offer extra quaint features – an attached torch, built-in mosquito netting, the ability to transform into a jacket. look on whether these features are important to you.

Or would you rather spend your money on an extras-free warmer/lighter bag?

How to Fluff your sleeping bag

  1. Shake the bag vigorously from all directions.
  2. Fluff the bag like a pillow — slap, punch and clap it.
  3. Feel for clumps of down in the bag and gently pull them apart with your hands.
  4. Place the bag in a large commercial tumble dryer on air (no heat) with a couple of tennis balls tossed in.

Properly storing your sleeping bag at home is both simple and important to do:

  1. Extract it from its stuff sack.
  2. Dry it thoroughly.
  3. Loosely stow it inside a large breathable cotton or mesh sack.
  4. Store it in a place that’s both cool and dry.


Sleeping Bags are the perfect solution for every need. They provide a warm, comfortable and portable sleeping option. They are essential for individuals that enjoy outdoor activities.

Plus, Kids enjoy sleeping in them and use them for sleepovers. 

Now get out there and explore!

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