The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip

Planning for a trip can be exciting and painful at the same time. Most of the times when planning a trip, the hardest part is where to begin. Where do you start? How do you know you are adequately prepared? 

I find planning a trip to be overwhelming at the start especially since there are so many fantastic places to explore on this great earth. I get flustered every time I contemplate a trip and try to travel as much as I can. For the unseasoned traveler, the beginning of travel planning can be the most challenging part of it all.

This post contains certain sets of Amazon / Travel Website links to help you in your planning. I am given a tracking link, that when a potential buyer clicks through on that link and makes the purchase, I am given a small percentage of the end cost.

I need you to know that if you click through my link, no extra cost will be added to your final price just because I get a kick back. In fact, in many cases, you’ll probably get a discount for clicking through my links.

Planning A Tip Or Vacation

travel planning

This is just a simple step by step process to aid you in planning a stress free vacation, that will become a breeze on future travels.

Making the decision on your next journey

Do you have a dream board somewhere in your household? I know I do, and it gets more substantial every single day. But when it comes to a dream board, it might be like a fishing net that you cast out and hope to catch a fish or two. When it comes to travel planning, the fishing net has to be a little smaller, so you are able to capture the specific fish you really want.

How can you accomplish this? It’s very simple, but you need putting on the thinking cap for this one.

You need answering this question; I want to travel to ____ and this is what I want to see and do while I am there.

Here are some great books to help you with this question:

How long of a trip will you take?

Once you have figured out where you want to go, now ask yourself how long do you want to travel forWith the previous questions of I want to travel to, now add for how many days.

I want to travel to _______ and this is what I want to see and do there in ______ days.

Start your budget plan

This is the part of planning that could potentially set your emotions back a step, but it doesn’t have to.

We all see these great vacation destinations that would make memories that would last a lifetime. Yet, after looking at the costs of these destinations could be the determining factor of going or not going to them.

I myself don’t know how to make an excel spreadsheet to save my life. 

But, a simple plan to get you started is all the help you really need.

  • Track your current spending
  • Figure out what you need to cut to make a difference
  • Set up a savings goal from your online banking of X amount and how long it will take to get you there.

Check out this simple spreadsheet for travel budgeting that can get you to where you need to be.

Check out my post on How To Travel For Those On A Budget

travel planning

Sign up of a travel credit card

I am a sucker for free rewards, and banks love to throw out points to entice customers to sign up for the latest and greatest travel rewards credit cards.

Many credit card companies offer 50,000 points for initial start ups when you achieve a spending amount the banks set. Most of the times it’s around $1,000.00 within three months.

What I always to is having money set aside in my bank account so when I hit the $1,000.00 threshold, I then pay it off immediately.

Another thing I do, is I set up a calendar alert of when I need to cancel the credit card so I don’t get hit with an annual renewal fee.

Check out this link for the latest offerings in the travel rewards department of credit cards.

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Don't lose focus of your dream vacation

I find that I get more excited in planning a vacation than I do traveling. But, with the budgets and planning and everything else thrown at us, we tend to lose focus of our dream vacation.  

Keep yourself going and never lose focus. Watch videos, movies, and read books on the places your are planning to go to in order to stay on track. 

I myself am a sucker for Disneyland and saving money, check out the posts below to stay inspired.

Check For Last Minute Travel Deals

You have the money in the bank; you have the vacation time booked off at work, but you still might not have pulled at the trigger on booking the vacation. Don’t panic! I do this all the time and seem to figure it out somehow.You may have missed the best deals to go to London which could have been your first choice.

But that trip to Paris you were thinking might have dropped in price. Keeping an eye on last minute travel deals, is sometimes a great thing, because like Forest Gump says life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your are going to get.”

Here is a great website that you can check out for last minute deals that may surprise you.

Booking Your Flight

Make sure you are keeping up with your investigations on finding the most competitive flights for your dream vacation. I like using the following sites to make sure I am not losing out on a great deal.

Side Note: On average, the best flight deals take place two months out. Keep that in mind when planning your vacation.

For further help in planning check out my post Ultimate Guide In Finding Cheap Flights Anywhere

Booking Your Accommodation

The key is discovering the most reasonable deal in terms of booking your holidays. Prices fluctuate depending on demand.

One of the destinations I see a significant change in prices is Las Vegas. Depending on what events are going on during the week, a hotel could vary in price dramatically.

Refer to my post on Las Vegas to understand more.

Here are the sites I use to get the best deals on accommodations:

Plan your activites

Make sure you investigate the major attractions you want to discover and do wherever you plan on travelling to. Prices can fluctuate as well depending on the season you are traveling.

Make sure you are keeping up to date on your travel spreadsheet to ensure you have so extra money put aside in case, an increase happens that was unexpected.

I personally like using the following websites below for the best deals possible for any major attractions in the city I am heading to.

Buy Travel Insurance

Trip insurance takes the stress out of traveling by protecting your trip investment. Unforeseen events and emergencies can arise at any time, even while youre on vacation, resulting in non-refundable trip expenses that may cost you.

Pre-paid travel expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodations may not be refundable, and you wont want to pay for flight or hotel change fees in the case that you have to cancel or interrupt your trip.

Trip insurance covers such fees and cancellations, protecting any financial losses that may occur as a result of an unforeseen event.

I use Visitors Coverage because I have seen things happen before and during a trip to other travels that I never want to have happen to me.

Like being stuck in Cuba on a chartered airline, where there is nothing a customer has any hope in getting any compensation back from a cancelled flight.


You are almost at the finish line! You are a week away from your dream vacation, and now it just comes down to the finer details of packing. Below are some great packing tips that can be a huge help before leaving on the jet-plane.


If you follow this Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip, you will be able to get better organized for planning your trips in a more efficient way that you never thought was possible.

If your travel plans take you on a brief journey or long, these simple steps will encourage you to budget properly for where ever you decide to go. Just get out there and enjoy life!

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