Shocking Secrets Hotel Staff Never Tell You

Shocking Secrets Hotel Staff Never Tell You

One of the most exciting parts of a vacation to me is the planning. 

Things like what airlines do I want to fly with, what airports will I have a stopover at, and what hotel I want to stay for my rest and recharge getaway.

Many of us think that hotels are just resorts full of luxury that makes us feel like a king or queen for the week or two.

We are not sleeping on the same old bed that we have at home, instead, we imagine a luxurious bed with the softest linen imaginable. Plus, if we really want to be treated like royalty, all you have to do is pick up the bedside phone and have food brought to your room 24/7.

But I have some sad news that I will have to break to you, hotels are not as luxurious as we all think they are. Think about a hotel in Las Vegas, where one hotel could have over 4000 rooms, there are so many different types of travelers with different living styles.

When it comes to different types of travelers the hotel staff deal with on a daily basis, they encounter such shocking secrets they will never tell the typical traveler.

On my most recent trip to Seattle, I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at and asked questions to any staff member that walked by.

Surprisingly, quite a few of the staff had no problem sharing certain secrets, because I feel that I was a psychologist to them so they could get things off his/her chest.

This list is just a few shocking things that I wasn’t aware of about hotels, that many should know for his/her next vacation.

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Shocking Secrets Hotel Staff Never Tell you

Shocking Secrets

Bed Sheets

Hotel secrets they don’t want you to know is room attendants often don‘t change the bed sheets every day. They often use the secret tactic of the karate chop on the bed sheets to fluff them up to give the impression to travelers that the sheets were changed.

If the sheets have a stain on them, then off to the laundry they go. Otherwise, if it looks clean, the staff karate chop and move on.

The Dreaded Coverlet

My wife while we always travel gets angry with me when I move the sheet that covers the front of the bed as soon as I unpack on the first day.

I never knew why she would be upset over this until I found out that the coverlet really serves no purpose and rarely is washed.

To think about how many people have sat on that coverlet before you, and then you decided to move it, not a wise decision. 

Hotel Towels

Towels are not washed every day if they looked like they were never used.

If the towels are still on the rack but don’t look like they were touched, then they just spray some freshener on them, refold and placed back on the shelf.

I can understand why this happens because think about how much laundry costs at your own home, it’s the hotel trying to save money. 

Shocking Secrets

Hotel Glasses / Cups

Hotel glasses that are unwrapped in plastic are often not cleaned the way you would at home.

They are usually washed in the bathroom sink if it needs cleaning and then placed on the shelf afterward. If there is a fresh smell coming from the cup, it’s most likely just air refresher that is used to spray the room.

My suggestion is to pack a personal beverage container that you can carry with you on your travels.

Click Here to a link to some great products on Amazon that are great for traveling. 

The Remote Control

Think about how many hands have touched that remote control before you. If you are a germophobe, you don’t want to touch the remote control at all.

What I suggest is packing hand sanitizers for wiping down the key areas that guest would touch while staying at the hotel(Click Here for Amazon Link). The remote control, the door handles, the phone, the deadbolt. 

Plus, having the hand sanitizers with you on the plane is great for wiping down the tray table. I won’t go into what I have seen passengers do on a tray table.


Room attendants don’t have time to steam clean the carpets daily.

Which is why carpets are dirtier than you think they are.  Things you didn’t know about hotels is that certain hotel carpets are dark and patterned, the reason for this is to hide the dirt and grime that accumulates over time in the hotel room.

My suggestion is to pack flip flops or slippers with you while you travel to avoid your bare feet touching the carpets.

Shocking Secrets

Air Quality

Sometimes, all we need is the air that we breathe in”, even though that is a remarkable Hollies song, the air quality in hotel rooms are not the greatest.

Do you ever wake up in the morning after a good nights rest in your hotel room only to find out that you are stuffed up?

Odds are the reason for this is because of a poorly cleaned A/C unit that is pumping the cold air into your room. 

Tap Water

Imagine staying at a Las Vegas resort with over 4000 rooms, these mini-cities may have water quality sometimes that can’t be trusted. 

The taps in most hotels are connected to the cities water mains, and if there is poor water quality pumping through the water mains from the city, you could get very sick. 

I recently stayed in Austin, Texas, last fall where the city had no water due to an overflowing river. Even though the issue was contained in a few days, I was gravely ill once the warning was lifted. 

Issues like e.coli can happen if the cities water isn’t treated properly. My suggestion is to carry along with you a water filter bottle like the Britta water bottle(click the link to Amazon here.) to ensure the impurities are taken out of the water before drinking it.

Hotel Card Key After Check out Time

If you donʼt check out by the time listed by the hotel, after the time has passed, you can’t get back into your room.

If you are running close to check out time, leave someone in the room and prop the door until you come back.

Mind you, most hotels because of security also require a key to access your floor, so my suggestion either call the front desk for a longer check out time or leave before check out time. 

Shocking Secrets

Room Upgrades

Hotel secrets they don’t want you to know is that the best rooms that are given away as upgrades tend to go to customers that use travel agents to book vacation packages.

The reason for this is the hotels get a cut from the travel agents compared to booking through online booking sites like Expedia and

If you are booking through Expedia and, which are great booking websites, upgrade your room through the site before completing the sale, sometimes the extra $20 difference between rooms really make a difference.

For Example, I stayed at Bally’s hotel in Vegas a few months ago, and the difference between a standard room and a renovated room was $20 more a night, but what a difference it made.

Long story short, either go with a good travel agent or spend a few extra dollars on a booking site, and you will have a great home base for your vacation.

Hotel Brands

Hotels are owned by separate management companies that basically pay for branding rights. So, one Super 8 maybe different in quality standard compared to other Super 8 brands.

My suggestion is to go with a reputable hotel brand that has strong rules that management companies have to follow to maintain the brand name.

Companies like Fairmont, Hilton, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), and Accor Hotels have a strong standard that management companies have to follow to have the brand name attached.

Booking Directly Through The Hotel

Often times, contacting the hotel directly via phone or walk-in will get you a better deal than booking through a website. Hotels have to pay a cut to the booking agencies, so if they can avoid this by offering a price up front, they will. 

I remember years ago when I wasn’t living in Victoria, BC at the time, that I was wanting a hotel room for the night. I researched many hotel booking websites, settling on the standard price being offered, and then called the hotel. 

I mentioned a current rate from a hotel booking site and if the hotel could match that. The hotel actually gave me a deal that was $25.00 cheaper than booking through a site.

Mind you, booking websites like TripAdvisor and hotels tonight scour the web for the best price by comparing every booking site out there. The prices being offered sometimes hotels can’t match that. So try these options first then call the hotel if you can’t get a better deal.

Star ratings

When you see a hotel that is a five-star rating, this doesn’t necessarily mean that its a great hotel. Stars don’t translate to service and quality often times, what they do mean is that the more amenities the hotels have the more stars are given.

That’s why if you stay in a hotel in Mexico, they may claim that they are five-star resorts, but the room could be infested with bed bugs and moldy carpets, they get the five-star rating because of the 5 plus pools, restaurants, acmes to the beach, gym and so forth. 

If you are researching a hotel, use TripAdvisor and look at the customer reviews to really understand how good a hotel really is. Take the average rating and read them and stay away from the one and two-star ratings because sometimes it’s just hard to please everyone.


I know that these Shocking Secrets Hotel Staff Never Tell You may sound all doom and gloom, but just knowing them will make your next dream vacation a stress free one. Now just get out there and travel! #hotelsecrets #hoteltipsandtricks #hoteltips

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