Osprey Backpacks have been a go-to brand for me in regards to the best travel backpacks for any type of travel I undertake.

Recently, my wife has been in the market for the perfect traveling backpack for her latest travel journeys, due to her busy schedule, I undertook the research for her to find the perfect traveling backpack that is extremely easy for her to use as a carryon for her short trips.

Here is my review of the Osprey Questa backpack, and hopefully you will learn more about why this backpack is the right choice for your upcoming adventures.

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Osprey Questa Backpack Review – The Perfect Carryon?

Osprey Questa backpack

When it comes to a durable traveling backpack that any traveler can take anywhere, there are so many choices out there to satisfy any journey. I personally have been traveling with the Osprey Porter 65 and I love it. 

The Osprey Porter 65’s padded sidewalls, convenient organization and a substantial suspension for backpack-style carry that disappears when checking bags, the Porter Series has been my bag of choice.

That’s why I wanted to test out the Osprey Questa for my wife, so she could feel the same comfort as my Porter 65, and have multiple accessible compartments to separate everything from laptops to makeup bags.

Here is my review of the Osprey Questa traveling backpack that will cover the basics of the backpack, plus a verdict of what you should expect from this fantastic traveling backpack.

The Basics Of The Osprey Packs Questa Daypack

Extra external storage capabilities matched with durable design and materials, ready for a full day of school or work.

The Osprey Questa women’s daypack gets the same attention to detail as our most technical packs.

Featured with internal small mesh pockets for keys, phone, mouse and other larger items, plus the standard pen and business card slots.

Side stretch mesh pockets on the 24/Seven packs are great for storing many items you need access to, such as your water bottle, phone or snacks.

Front panel bungee compression adds a little bit of extra storage or quick stowing of your jacket.

  • Heat-embossed slash pocket
  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • Front panel organization pocket
  • Blinker light attachment
  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Front panel bungee compression and storage
Osprey Questa backpack
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Durability Of The Osprey Packs Questa Daypack

A local sporting goods store near me allowed me to try out the Osprey Questa Traveling Backpack for a week just to make sure I would be satisfied going forward with the purchase of this backpack.

Since my wife and I travel quite a bit for business and pleasure, I wanted to test out the environments we would be dealing with on our journey’s.

Everything from hiking, to day-to-day life, as well as most important aspect to us the toll a backpack would undertake during the departure / arrival process of traveling.

The reason for choosing Osprey as my backpack of choice is the lifetime warranty that comes with all of the Osprey products. Everything from wear and tear repair, to a parts replacement guaranty, is something that relaxes the mind of every traveler during his/her journeys.

I personally have never used the product replacement option of the warranty as my current ospreys porter bag has been prefect for me for the past few years, it’s always nice to know I will be covered just in case.

Comfort Of The Osprey Packs Questa Daypack

When it comes to comfort, straps and backrest need to have the right amount of padding and ventilation for everyday use. With the Osprey Questa backpack, it does have adequate padding and ventilated mesh for physical activity in any climate you may encounter.

Since my wife and I carry our laptops basically on every type of travel, the assessability of the backpacks compartments are extremely easy to reach. 

Plus this travelling backpack offers a ergonomic option to offload any excessive weight around the neck and back. This is great for those who will wear the backpack all day when it’s fully packed for a weekend getaway.

Space Of The Osprey Packs Questa Daypack

In terms of space, the backpack is only 27L, which is the perfect size for your carry-on on any airplane. I recently took a weekend getaway to Los Angeles and took this backpack for a test. I was surprised I was able to fit everything I need and more for a 4-day journey.

What I was able to pack was a laptop, electronics, a weeks worth of clothing, a travel journey notebook, toiletries, snacks and a water bottle, and still had enough room for mickey mouse ear souvenirs.

The amount surprised me with the room left over in the backpack. Plus, with airline carriers limiting overhead compartment sizes it seems daily, I was still under the requirements of a spirit airline journey. That airline always seems to be a tough one to figure out with.

Style Of The Osprey Packs Questa Daypack

The Osprey Questa’s appearance is defiantly sporty and can be suited for the active traveler, or the cost-saving traveler looking to save money on the airline checked baggage fees.

The padded laptop and tablet storage and adequate space for other gadgets make this backpack an excellent fit for travel blogger on the go. The Osprey Questa’s compact size and style fit perfectly for those weekend getaways as well. 

Pro's & Con's


The reason I think this is a great travel backpack is the amount of interior storage for all your packing needs. It offers three zippered compartments and serval interior pockets that are easily laid out for better organization.

Plus, the padded laptop and tablet storage prevent damage of your valuable electronics during travel. The hip and chest straps add an ergonomic option for the traveler on the go.

The Osprey Questa’s light nylon material is incredibly durable and has stood up to the tests of rain where I live without any of my items inside getting wet. Plus, its durability makes it easy to clean with just a standard washing machine cycle without damage.


The only downside I see with this travel backpack is that it doesn’t offer many options to secure your contents. Since it’s marketed as an active travelers backpack, locking the zippered compartments is not an option.

If you are worried about security, I suggest purchasing a Pacsafe 55L Anti-Theft Backpack and Bag Protector that is designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a great traveling backpack for any type of element, then this is the perfect traveling backpack for you. 

Even though the backpack is only 27L, the Osprey Packs Questa Backpack’s storage offers enough space due to the multiple mesh pouches, zipped compartments, and hidden pockets.

This traveling backpack is built to last with its weather-proof material, durable straps, and a thick carry handle.

Plus, the padded laptop and kindle sleeves will ensure your fragile electronics will stay safe. So, if you are running to catch a flight, or hiking the Sierra Mountains of Los Angeles, the Osprey Questa backpack will help keep you going!

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