My GoPro​ HERO7 Black Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

My GoPro​ HERO7 Black Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

Don’t you hate when you parkouring over a crevasse, and you drop your camera into the ocean below that is filled with sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? I know I do. Mind you that was in a dream, but it still felt real. If only in my dream I had a GoPro​ HERO7 Black.

GoPro​ HERO7

GoPro​ HERO7 – Introduction

Hi there! It’s Trent here, If you look to the right of this post you can see my mug and can tell I am a hardcore adventurist. While I might not be the adventurist I think I am in my head, I actually spend my free time filmmaking. This is the real reason I am reviewing the new GoPro HERO7 Black.

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GoPro​ HERO7 Black Review

Go Pro’s newest flagship camera is called ”The black.” I have never owned a GoPro camera before as I have mostly shot most of my movies with my iPhone 7.

The results from my iPhone have been quite successful and have turned out great projects, yet there were some limitations to the iPhone 7 in regards to filming a movie that I didn’t like.

Have you ever shot a film on your current camera and suffered the frustrations around the shaky footage? I know I have, and that’s the major reason I purchased the GoPro Hero7 Black.

The question I ask myself is, does this GoPro​ HERO7 produce a product that will replace my iPhone 7? Is the GoPro HERO7 Black worth it?

Product Overview

While I haven’t had much experience with the previous version of the GoPro, I was really looking forward to testing out the stability of the HERO7. From just doing a few tests recently with the GoPro​ HERO7, the stability alone will save me countless hours of wasted footage being thrown into my MacBook Pro’s recycling bin.

The Super Photo feature on the GoPro​ HERO7 offers plenty of robust features for taking still frame photographs. As for the battery life, it’s tough for me to find a difference with previous versions of the GoPro products, but I know that I am able to shoot video longer than my iPhone 7.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to publish your video on social media as fast as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, don’t worry as the GoPro Hero 7 has you covered.

The live streaming option on the GoPro HERO7 enables you to post your video just as fast as your current cell phone. When you lump in the stability, great still frame camera features, and fast live streaming to your social media platforms the GoPro HERO7 is the right choice for you.


To me, stabilization is the main reason why I purchased the GoPro HERO7. The product I was filming recently on my iPhone 7 was looking like I was paying homage to “The Blair Witch Project” or “Cloverfield”. I do love Cloverfield, so if I can aspire to make a film like that in my career I would be extremely pleased.

But when you are shooting a dramatic sequence with two characters walking just to make your audience motion sick, then it’s time for a new way of filming. This is where The GoPro HERO7 really excels.

The result now with the Hero7 erases all the annoying jerky motions that make you want to reach for the vomit bag.

As you can tell from the video above, the previous versions of the GoPro line would cause camera shakes whenever there was a switch in focus on the screen. With the hero 7’sstabilization, the camera remains focused on what you really want to film.

No longer do you have to deal with footage that looks like it was filmed during an earthquake, and replaces the look as if you were filming on a moving sidewalk.

Gopro calls there stabilization feature the Hypersmooth and introduced a feature called the Timewarp time lapse setting.

With the Timewarp feature, the camera records video and then speeds up the frames per second to add more depth to your footage. You can now film stars in the sky pass through the sky or flowers blowing in the spring air with a dramatic effect.

This feature is great for you amateur videographers looking to add some pizazz to your vacation shots.

Taking Pictures

Photos with GoPro Hero 7 – Another feature I really like is the Super photo feature. This feature is like the live feature on the iPhone, in which the camera takes several exposures of the same photo and combines the best elements into one exceptional image.

GoPro​ HERO7
Before Picture of The Super Photo Feature

This feature to me is miles above the live feature that my iPhone 7 includes because of the ease of use of this feature. Plus, the pictures look better on the GoPro 7 than my iPhone 7.

Mind you; it could be a placebo effect being that I am playing with a new toy and my excitement is taking over my brain. The GoPro 7 won’t replace your DSLR camera for taking photos, but it can easily replace your smartphone camera in a heartbeat.

GoPro​ HERO7
After Picture of The Super Photo Feature

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Additional Features

Vlogging with GoPro Hero 7 – Another major reason I am excited about the new GoPro​ HERO7 is that the camera can shoot in 4k at 60 frames per second, or 1080p at 240 frames per second to capture some insane slow motion footage.

The Go Pro hero7 has a live stream feature added to the camera where you can stream via facebook live to the world. The live stream feature is great if you want to share media to your social platforms immediately without taking up space on your SD card.

GoPro​ HERO7

If you are into selfie’s to document your trips, the Voice Control option will improve your memory taking abilities. There are up to 16 commands, including “GoPro, take a photo” or “That was sick” to tag an epic video.

I like GoPro’s Tagline of “Dunk it, Drop it, Crash it” because one of the great features for all you adrenaline junkies fighting sharks with laser beams attached to their heads is that it’s Tough as nails and waterproof 
down to 33ft (10m).

GoPro​ HERO7

Customer Reviews and Scores

  • Firstly the HyperSmooth setting is genuinely impressive. Even going down rough, rocky trails on a mountain the footage is shockingly smooth. I used the chest mount which worked extremely well. I did have a video sample on this review but it looked awful once uploaded. I guess it was whatever processing Amazon does to videos you upload as I uploaded the video to Youtube and Vimeo with no problems.
  • The image quality is superb. 1080p 60fps looks as sharp and clear as real 1080p 60fps should be. Why am I talking about 1080 because many low-end cameras are boasting they do 4k and their 4k is interpolated looks like 1080 and their 1080 looks like VGA. This is the best GoPro so far. The doors are easier to open. Touchscreen and menu navigation is less of a pain. The hyper smooth is super sweet.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “It runs hot. If you’re outdoors in the sunlight super hot.” and “battery life is not great.”

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem. Other customers said, “Don’t believe the negative reviews. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this camera” and, “The stabilization works great! No gimbal needed and very user-friendly” and finally, “4k 60 fps hypersmooth looks absolutely incredible. The stabilization on this GoPro is insane.”

is the GoPro Hero 7 worth it? with the photos, video footage, and vlogging features it makes it very easy for me to recommend the GoPro Hero7.


The GoPro Hero7 was built for the parkour crave jumping adventurers and the photography nuts who want to capture great videos and photos on the fly. The GoPro​ HERO7 can take you to places that your smartphone can’t.

If you never have owned a GoPro camera in your life and want to shoot incredibly stabilized videos and great pictures, then the GoPro Hero7 is a camera that you will need.

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