Female Travelers Guide To Packing

Female Travelers Guide To Packing

My wife has traveled quite a bit over the past few years due to business travel as well as travelling for film school in Los Angeles.

Because of this amount of travel, she has become the expert in our household. This is a plan of attack she undertakes for any journey she performs.

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Clothing - What to Wear

When it comes to packing for budget friendly areas of the world, knowing that the opportunities for great clothing deals helps in determining the decision on packing light. Traveling around Southeast Asia for example where the weather is always warm, and finding inexpensive light layers at local markets, is perfect.

If you are traveling around Europe or even parts of north america, finding inexpensive clothing is a quest in itself. Therefore that where planning before you head out to conquer the world, is important.

Clothing Checklist - Hot Climates

  • 5-7 Tank Tops/Sleeveless Tops
  • 2-3 Pairs of shorts
  • 2 Skirts in countries that require more cover up
  • 2-3 pairs of lights cotton pants or leggings
  • 9 pairs of comfortable underwear

Clothing Packing Checklist - Warm Climates

  • 3-4 Tank tops
  • 2-3 Long sleeve shirts for layering
  • 2-3 T-shirts
  • 2-3 Dresses
  • 1 Pair of jeans
  • 1 Waterproof jacket
  • 2-3 Pairs of shorts
  • 1-2 Pairs of leggings
  • 9 Pairs of portable underwear
  • 1 Pair of boots
  • 1 Pair of flip flops
  • 4 Pairs of socks

Clothing Packing Checklist- Cold Climates

  • 9 Pairs of comfortable underwear
  • 7 Pairs of thick socks
  • 1 Pair of boots
  • 1 Heavy Coat
  • 1 Pair of gloves
  • 3-4 Long sleeve shirts
  • 2 Thermal shirts
  • 3-4 Sweaters
  • 1 Pair of jeans
  • 1 Scarf and Winter Hat

Toiletries - Basic Packing List

When it comes to medication, have a conversation with your doctor beforehand on what you absolutely need to bring with you. 

Side Note: Don’t pack your medication in your check in suitcases, as they tend to get lost from time to time, and finding a place to refill your prescription depending on where you are it may be tough.

Packing Essentials

The following items below are items that will make your travels easier, and problems free. Don’t quote on it, though.


I hope that this Female Travelers Guide To Packing will enhance your next journey it make it the best ever forward. Keep this list handy with you for your next trips, and you will never have to worry about misplannin’ again.

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  1. On your cold climate list you only mention one pair of jeans and no other clothing for the bottom half. I think at least one other pair of trousers/skirt would be needed in addition to travel clothes to allow for washing

    1. Nice catch on that. I knew something was wrong with my calculations. I agree that an extra pair should be packed due to colder weather. I guess it’s time to correct this post to suit things better. Thanks for taking time to read my post! 🙂

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