A Guide To Packing Smart For Your Next Trip

A Guide To Packing Smart For Your Next Trip

Let‘s just face the facts, packing smart is a skill that some travelers have mastered while others haven’t, and they are mad as hell that they can’t.

Packing for a business trip, family vacation, or a weekend getaway is something that many of us don’t look forward to. 

It’s the stress of figuring out if that fourth pair of shoes can squeeze into a carry-on, or if you absolutely need that extra pair of underwear so you can fit that fourth pair of shoes into the bag. I mean really, the public will notice your shoes more than your underwear, Right???

The goal of packing is to make sure that all of your clothes, shoes, and unmentionables can be packed inside your suitcase so you leave no item behind.

Packing Smart remains a task that can be learned over time, and the following article will help you learn some packing skills to make your next trip stress free.

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A Guide To Packing Smart For Your Next Trip

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Vacuum Packed Bags

A great way for packing smart is by using vacuum bags. By using a vacuum sealed bag or packing cubes travelers can reduce the amount of storage space needed by up to 50%. 

Vacuum bags are very simple to use, and all you need to do is organize your clothing and place them in the bag, seal the bag, and then squeeze the air out. 

With vacuum bags, this solution can offer you more space, so you don’t have to ditch that extra pair of underwear for those shoes. 

Roll Your Clothes

This is a go-to for many savvy travelers, because not only does it work for packing a carry-on but it’s great for 

The procedure is pretty simple all you have to do is tightly roll softer, wrinkle-resistant garments, like T-shirts and cotton pants, and place them along the base of the bag. Pants should be rolled, as well. It can be a simple way of keeping your clothes neat.

The Power Of “Pyramid” Principle

This one takes a little getting used to, but it works well.

When packing, lay your shoes along the walls of the suitcase, then from the bottom up, you place long type clothes like pants and dresses, then place non-wrinkled like items on top of the long type clothing.

Then top off the pyramid by placing items like toiletry bags and documents.

Just Say No To The Umbrella

Umbrellas are extremely awkward to pack, and not helpful in packing smart. If you are heading to a destination that tends to rain a lot like Seattle, pack rain ponchos instead. 

Rain ponchos are small enough to toss inside a handbag, and if you buy them ahead of time on Amazon(Click here for ponchos on Amazon.) they can be given away to the homeless at the end of your trip. 

Plus, most well-respected hotels have umbrellas handy for all of their guests at the front desk. So, you will be covered. Literally!

If you are heading to Seattle, read this post on the Top 50 Things To Do In Seattle.

Travel-Sized Bottles for Your Toiletries

Toiletries can get heavy fast in your suitcase if you are not paying attention. Liquids are deceiving, as they feel light in your hands, but the more you have the heavier your bag gets.

The solution to this is to purchase travel toiletry bottles(Click here for the link on Amazon), as it cuts back on space and weight usage.

Little Things You Will Need

With everything getting smaller and smaller each day, these items can get lost fast in your suitcase and nowhere to be found until you come back from vacation.

There are some great organizers out there that can keep these items together and aid in packing smart so they will be found when you arrive at your final destination. 

When it comes to flash drives, headphones, and chargers I would suggest purchasing a Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories. (click here for the Amazon Link)

If you don’t have a travel case, take a Ziploc bag and stuff your items inside, and then take the bag and stuff it inside a pair of shoes. 

Pack A Travel Size First Aid Kit

First Aid kits can be bulky and tough to pack. With a small enough Frist Aid Kit, you then limit yourself I items that you really need. If you are about to travel and seeing your doctor beforehand, ask for some samples of products you might need.

As for packing a first aid kit, pack tablet form pills instead of gel caps as they are easier to squeeze into a kit. If you need to pack some pain medication, opt for pills instead of creams.

Items Not Really Needed

The last tip for packing smart is if you have a laptop, they are slim enough to pack, but if you are thinking about that bulky camera or hairdryer, leave them at home. 

As for a camera, if you have one of the latest smartphones on the market today, they take some nice pictures. When it comes to a hairdryer, hotels have those available for all of their guests.

Side note: If you are heading to a tropical destination like Hawaii, you can easily find snorkel gear, sunscreen, children’s toys and a straw hat in local markets.

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