7 Tech Gadgets To Improve Traveling 2019

7 Tech Gadgets To Improve Traveling 2019

Technology is advancing every day, and like John McClane said in Die Hard 2, “I thought progress peaked at frozen pizza.” But the great thing about technology advancing by the minute, that means traveling is getting a whole lot simpler. 

Many of the problems travelers have had in the past, are starting to disappear thanks to technology. 

Below are 7 tech gadgets for your holiday traveling that will make your next journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

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7 Tech Gadgets For Your Holiday Traveling

Luggage Tags / Tracker - Keep Track Of Lost Luggage

How many travelers even think about packing a change of underwear, socks, and shirts in a carryon? I know I don’t, and I still haven’t learned from my lesson after having an airline send my luggage to Tokyo while I was heading to London.One of the best tech gadgets I came across recently is a product called a smart tag by Tile. With a Tile smart tag and cellphone, a traveler is able to track my luggage anywhere around the world. At least I hope it does, as I haven’t had my luggage misplaced recently. Knock on wood?

The great thing about these small devices is you can clip them onto your bags, wallet, keychain, and even your passport for real-time location tracking. I might try a Tile in my passport next time I travel across the world. The main reason would be that a consulate in a foreign country can be tricky when a passport is lost or stolen.

USB Toothbrush To Keep Minty Fresh Anywhere

If you believe the hype like I do when it comes to electronic toothbrushes, they are a fantastic way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. But, what happens when you are on a plane or in a foreign country and you forget your power convertor? 

A great tech gadgets solution to this problem is to get an electric toothbrush that charges via USB such as ABOX Travel Electric Toothbrush with UV. This modern toothbrush uses a micro USB cable for charging and also comes with a travel charging station + USB Rechargeable travel case.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones - For Serenity On The Plane

Noise-canceling headphones used to be for the elite traveler with all the tech gadgets in his/her arsenal, but now they are commonplace among flyers who are looking for some serenity while flying.

The great thing about noise-canceling headphones is they allow you to hear music, audiobooks, and movies during a flight without having to damage hearing while trying to block out the outside world. Plus, when the baby flash mob begins his/her chorus of screaming, you won’t even know the event is happening.

Bose’s premium noise-canceling headphones are a popular choice with travelers, but there are a range of cheaper options worth having a look at as well if youre on a budget. 

Travel Chargers: Charge Your Phone Anywhere

Travelers nowadays have so many tech gadgets along for the ride with them, that sometimes when one runs out of juice, the others follow.

Now imagine if this happens while traveling in a forgone country or a layover for an upcoming 10-hour flight.

Packing a power adaptor with serval sockets for anywhere around the world is a priority for the foreign traveler.

Also, carrying an extra-USB charging cable for your electronic devices is a must have as well. The great thing about the advancement in technology, when it comes to traveling, is airports are finally stepping out of the stone age and adding USB power outlets along the standard power outlets.

But what happens if you forget to charge your phone and are standing outside the arrivals gate trying to get an Uber?

If you have experienced this before as I did a few weeks ago, by packing a portable battery pack then there will never be a worry again about a device juice again.

A portable battery charger comes in handy when you are at Disneyland and need more battery power because of the three-hour line up for splash mountain.

The Cloud - Back Up Your Travel Documents

Not exactly tech gadgets that you pack per say but, but something to keep in mind going foward.

While a photo of your passport or drivers license may not help you much at the airport to board a plane, keeping a copy of your ID on your smartphone could really come in handy if you‘re ever asked to prove your identity while traveling abroad.

While you are traveling, you should always have your ID close to your at all times, but if you get your pocket picked in an area less desirable, it’s easier proving your innocence to the police if you have a backup. 

And when I mean back up, I do mean identification and not a piece your concealing.

Traveling Tip: Take a photo of each side of your ID card, a photo of your photo and visa pages of your passport, and a selfie of you holding each form of ID in your hands. 

Once the photos are taken, upload them to a cloud service such as Amazon Prime, OneDrive, or Dropbox for easy access in case you lose your smartphone. 

Portable Wi-Fi - For Easier Connection Abroad

We all seem to be connected some way or another, and traveling abroad is tougher to connect unless you are prepared.

Buying a SIM card is one solution but using a portable Wi-Fi device can often be much cheaper in addition to offering you faster connection speeds as well.

Portable Wi-Fi devices can often be rented from shops at international airports upon arrival and are especially recommended if traveling to countries like Japan or Australia which are notorious for confusing or outdated internet services.

Another suggestion on staying connected abroad is having a Wireless Travel Router for your hotel room. Sometimes hotels offer free wired internet but charge for wireless internet. 

The way to get around this is by purchasing a Wireless Travel Router and instantly convert a wired network to wireless with easy setup. It’s one of those tech gadgets needed for less advanced countries.

Also can bridge an existing wireless network, create your own secure Wi-Fi network that connects to a wired internet connection and connect wirelessly in your room.

Aroma Diffuser - For Dry Air Hotel Conditions or Funky Smells

Don’t you hate when you arrive at a non-smoking hotel and find out that the room you are in for the night smells like someone smoked half a pack an hour ago? Or, you arrive at a location that when you get off the plane your skin shrivels like a lizard because of the dry air?

One way to defeat these situations is to pack a portable humidifier and aroma diffuser. This way your room will smell better in an hour and your skin will return back to normal.

I have begun carrying a humidifier/defuser with me on my trips to Los Angeles lately because I tend to always end up heading to the desert to play golf, and palm springs is apparently a desert.

I which someone would have told me that before arriving.

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