48 Hour Guide To Portland Without A Car

48 Hour Guide To Portland Without A Car

48 Hour Guide To Portland Without A Car – If you arrive in Portland, Oregon, via a plane, train, or just parking the car for the weekend, there is so much to explore in the “The City of Roses” by foot.

48 Hour Guide To Portland Without A Car

When you are in a city for 48 hours, you wonder if you can see enough to make you feel satisfied.

The great thing about Portland is it’s extremely easy to get around without a car as many of Portland’s great attractions are within the city center.

So if you are ready for the challenge, the 48-hour guide to Portland will help with the race.

Day One - The Day Of Exploration

Just like Lewis and Clark, I am pretty sure you will burn as many calories as they did on your first day in Portland.

The first thing you will need to do is load up with a great breakfast. Bijou Cafe, a Portland go-to establishment that has been mastering the art of breakfast for 35 plus years.

Once you have filled your belly with an oyster omelet or the willapa bay oyster hash, head three blocks over to the Portland Saturday market (They are open Sundays as well, don’t tell anyone.).

From there you can browse the huge selection of kiosks from many of the local artisans selling everything from handcrafted jewelry, pots, and clothing. Now your next stop on your tour has to be Powell’s city of books. This store has its own zip code. Mind you; I am not quite sure on that one, but it does take up an entire city block.


Powell’s city of books has close to 3,500 different sections, and it is the largest independent bookstore in the world. If you have purchased any books and artisan gifts from the morning, go back to your hotel to lighten the load and take a short walk into old town Chinatown district.

While you visit Chinatown you can practice the art of zen in Lan Su Chinese garden. This walled out sanctuary offers a zen-like experience to escape from the downtown core for a nice break.

As soon as you have zen’d out, it’s time to head to the Pearl District home to boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and lounges. If you have decided to stop for a quick drink and a little shopping head to the people watching part of the city, Jamison Square.

48 Hour Guide To Portland Without A Car

If you have taken a break to watch the marvellous people of Portland, it’s time to hit Northwest Portland. You can either walk or take the streetcar to the tree-lined street for more shops and eateries. I love Northwest 23 ave, as it’s a perfect place for a nice walk and take in some great happy hour specials along the way.

I would suggest hitting up Olympia Provisions for some fantastic finger foods like fried almonds and olives. Or check out Paley’s Place for some Pacific Northwest Cuisine.

Think the day is over? Think again.


It’s time for a little late night entertainment. From Northwest Portland, you can take a short walk to Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers Soccer team. The Timbers’s fans are in my option, the most hardcore fans in the MLS.

A game at Providence Park is one of the Portland attractions you need to see and feel.

If soccer is not your thing, then head back to Powells City Books area and visit the Living Room Theatres. They always have an interesting selection of movies playing, plus they offer cocktails and food delivered to your seat. I always go to Living Room Theatres every time I visit Portland.

It’s the best way to wind down from the day.

Looking For Hotels In Portland Oregon? Here Are Some Great Places To Rest Your Head:

Day 2: Soar Above The Clouds


You might be a little tired from Day One, but you only have one more day so enjoy it! Less than a mile walk from downtown, over the Hawthorne Bridge, is OMSI.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a science and technology museum that contains three auditoriums, including a large-screen theatre, planetarium, and exhibition halls with a variety of hands-on permanent exhibits focused on natural sciences, industry, and technology.

You’ll also see the USS Blueback (a decommissioned Navy submarine) which starred in the hit movie “Hunt for Red October” and on episodes of the “Portlandia” TV show. 

If a mile is too much, you could walk half a mile to the Portland Art Museum, where they offer modern and contemporary art that has been around since 1892.


Hungry? I hope you saved your appetite for the Alder Street Foodcart Pod. This is a Portland attraction in itself.

This food cart pod is something I have never seen before as it features over 60 incredibly diverse eateries in cuisine. This city block food court offers The Cheesus which is a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. It’s amazing!

Now that you are full, maybe its time to take the Max and Washington Park, a 160-acre attraction filled park that could fill the rest of the day away. Visit the World Forestry Center, Portland Children Museum, and the Oregon Zoo.


If these Portland attractions don’t interest you, or you don’t have kids, the park’s east side is home to the International Rose Test Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden which is incredibly maintained and manicured to take in a peaceful view of the city’s skyline and Mt Hood.


For the evening, head back into town for dinner at Portland City Grill or Departure, where the views will make you see what you have experienced in 48 hours into perspective.

Now, I would be stupid not to mention Portland’s Landmark, Voodoo Donut. The assortment of interesting delights is available 24 hours a day, just make sure you bring cash, as I still don’t think they accept credit cards. 


Well, that’s 48 hours in Portland without a car.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? So, why not try it out. What’s the worse that can happen? 

What To Pack For Your Portland Trip


Wondering what you should be packing for your trip to Portland? Here is a list of items to make your trip to Portland the best it can be. 

The first thing that you should have on your list is a day pack for all the handmade crafts and books you will buy while you are walking.

The next thing on the list is electronics to make sure you are connected to the world, as well as have a camera to capture memories from the trip.

As for clothing, it really depends on the time frame you have. If you have 48 hours and up to 72 hours, here is my suggestions:

Packing list for men

  • 3-4 pairs of shorts or travel pants
  • 3-4 shirts
  • 1 dress shirt for a night out around the town
  • 1-2 sets of workout gear
  • 1 pair of lounge pants/pyjamas
  • 3-5 pairs of underwear
  • 3-5 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of shoes (wear one and pack the other)
  • 1 swimsuit

Packing list for women

  • 3-4 pairs of shorts or skirts or pants  (depends on the time you go)
  • 3-4 shirts
  • 1-2 dresses (make one for a night out in the town dress.)
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1-2 sets of workout gear
  • 2 bras (1 sport, 1 regular)
  • 3-4 pairs of socks
  • 3-5 pairs of underwear
  • 1 set of lounge wear/pajamas
  • 2 pair of shoes (wear one/pack one.)
  • 1 swimsuit

Other Portland Packing Suggestions:

Oh, if you go to a Portland Timbers game, pack green. It’s the teams colors.

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