25 Disneyland Treats To Add To Your Disneyland Bucket list

25 Disneyland Treats To Add To Your Disneyland Bucket list

Do you have a favourite Disneyland treat? When it comes to Disneyland Treats, I am always on the search for something new and exciting. The wonderful and delicious snacks, treats, and hearty meals keeps me coming back for more each year. 

25 Disneyland Treats To Add To Your Disneyland Bucket list

Lately, when I am discussing with other travellers what his/her favourite Disneyland food is, I get so many responses of different choices that my head goes crazy. I keep thinking to myself; how have I not tried that yet.

That’s why I created this list of the 25 Disneyland treats to add to your Disneyland bucket list, so you can be prepared for your next Disneyland Holiday. Some of these pictures in this article don’t do justice to what you will get in California Adventure Park and Disneyland. Enjoy!

Secret Menu Ice Cream Nachos From The Golden Horseshoe

The Ice Cream nachos are no longer on the menu at the golden horseshoe, but they can still be ordered. 

This Disneyland treat is a waffle cone pieces mothered in hot fudge, topped with three kinds of ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, chocolate chips and cherries delight. It’s perfect for sharing, or not.

Dill Pickle Popcorn

California Adventure Park is the place for a strange flavour idea that works extremely well on popcorn. This flavour is something that has to be tasted to believe. 

Just to warn you that it’s salty but good. Maybe you should chase this snack down with a nice cool drink.

Honeybee Frozen Lemonade

Honeybee frozen lemonade with whipped cream and honey flavours icicle at the hungry bear restrain – this frozen lemonade Disneyland Treat is delicious and perfect for the warm California sun. 

Lobster Roll At Harbour Galley

Disneyland Treats

Lobster roll at harbour galley is a soft buttery roll and fresh, cold lobster salad. Harbour galley is small and tucked away near the water on the way to the haunted mansion. Perfect for lunch.

House Made Funnel Cake At Hungry Bear Restaurant

Disneyland Treats

One of the many Disneyland Treats that can be found throughout both parks, but this funnel cake is different. It’s like an old-fashioned donut, with various flavours like a pineapple upside down funnel cake version. 

During the holidays the menu changes, so you never know what you are going to get. 

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Carthay Signature Fried Biscuits

Carthay signature fried biscuits are stuffed with white cheddar, bacon and jalapeño and served with an apricot honey butter, these biscuits are highly addictive and cathay circle’s signature appetizer. 

I recommend everything on the menu, as this is the Disneyland dining at it’s finest for amazing food in the park. Just make sure you make your Disneyland reservations before hand.

Mickey S’mores

Disneyland Treats

Mickey s’mores which can be found at poohs corner, candy palace, candy kitchen, and trolley treat in California adventure park. The Mickey store is amazing, it’s a place where all the Disneyland snacks to bring home are.

Jungle Skewers From The Bengal BBQ

The Jungle Skewers are the perfect Disneyland park food if you are on a keto kick. It’s a great snack before lining up for Indiana Jones or the jungle cruise. 

They have options like a bacon and asparagus skewer, and steak which a very delicious. 

Just make sure the animals in the jungle cruise don’t get a whiff of these tasty treats. I hear the hippos wiggle their ears when they smell these.

Mickey Pretzel

Disneyland Treats

Mickey Pretzel can be found throughout many of the various pretzel carts around both parks. It’s a Disneyland snack that you don’t want to bite into because it looks so good. 

Churros Popcorn

Churros popcorn is one of the best Disneyland snacks to try. You can find this snack at Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen in Disneyland and Trolley Treats at California Adventure Park. This snack is a great sugary treat to enjoy with a friend. 

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Beachfront Floats

Disneyland Treats

Beachfront Floats at the paradise pier ice cream company is incredible. The soft serve at Disneyland always tastes so good. The Coke and Rootbeer floats are a great creamy treat on a warm day.

Hand Dipped Corn Dogs

Disneyland Treats

Hand Dipped Corn Dogs from corn dog castle at paradise pier in California Adventure Park is where I always go. 

These corn dogs are delicious and available from corn dog castle at CA or the little red wagon in Disneyland. 

Its a budget friendly option for lunch or dinner. They are a very popular Disneyland Park food option and up can get large line up at peak eating times. 

Mickey Shape Beignet

Disneyland Treats

You can order these flaky treats at the mint julep bar in New Orleans square at Disneyland. They are perfect for a quick Disneyland breakfast, for when you need something on the go as you head to the rides. 

You can also order these treats in the table service area of the restaurant inside Disneyland as well, and they serve it with additional toppings that are out of this world.

Mint Julip & Monte Cristo Sandwich

Disneyland Treats

Monte Cristo Sandwich While you are at New Orleans for breakfast, you might want to go there for lunch. The non-alcoholic mint julep is a Disney favourite on a hot day. 

Plus, while you are at New Orleans for breakfast, you might want to go there for lunch. The non-alcoholic mint julep is a Disney favourite on a hot day, plus having a Monte Cristo Sandwich to go with your drink is a nice combo. 

The Monte Cristo Sandwich is lightly battered ham and cheese sandwich with powdered sugar and berry pure side. It is a nice mix of a savoury and sweet that is a great brunch option. 

Pommes Frites From Cafe Orleans

Disneyland Treats

Mind you, if you are there having the amazing Mint Julep and Monte Cristo sandwich, why not add the Pommes Frites to the dish. These french fries are topped with garlic and parmesan cheese and served with a cajun dipping sauce. 

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

From Pooh Corner at Disneyland, their cookie selection is awesome. I love cookies, and Disney bakeries really know the art of making a great cookie. 

They have the perfect chewy and chocolatey mix to them that make you want more that just one.

Oreo Churro

Oreo churro

If you love churros and who doesn’t, you have to try the Oreo churros at California churro cart with it’s own dipping sauce. They even have a churro ice cream sandwich!! 

Now, I had these at the churro cart in Downtown Disney which is going through some changes right now, so they might be available at either California Adventure or Disneyland. 

Fried Chicken

The Plaza Inn on Main Street is one of the restaurants inside disneyland that has nice hearty meals for anyone. 

This 3-piece fried chicken meal comes with mash potatoes, vegetables and a buttermilk biscuit. The chicken is perfectly fried for a nice crunchy texture. Another Disneyland favourite. 

Matterhorn Macaroon

At the jolly holiday bakery cafe on Main Street in Disneyland you can find the sweet treat. The Disneyland snack to try is a tender coconut macaroon topped with melted white chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar for a nice sugar rush!

Pineapple Dole Whip

dole whip

This Disneyland staple from Tiki Juice Bar in Adventure Land is a must for anyone in the park. If you haven’t had one yet, don’t tell anyone or they will think that you’re an outsider.

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Brioche French Toast

Brioche French Toast from Flo’s V8 cafe in California Adventure Park is the perfect Disneyland breakfast. 

This dish topped with fresh bananas and salted Carmel sauce is the perfect energy boaster for the whole day. It’s so good, but the sugar crash might hit you. 

Corn Chowder In A Sourdough Bread Bowl

what to eat at disneyland

You can find this dish at the French market. This delicious dish is a perfect soup and great bread combo for lunch or dinner on a cool day or evening.

Chilli Con Queso

From cozy cone motel in Cars Land at California Adventure – this hearty chilli and cheese dish served over fritos in a bread cone, is a nice lunch or snack.

French Dip Sandwich

One of the Places to eat in Disneyland for any meat lover the French market restaurant in New Orleans square offer this hearty sandwich is a cant miss. 

The thinly shaved roast beef sandwich, topped with crispy onions and horse-radish sauce on a potato roll is a must for any sandwich eater. 

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Was there a Disneyland treat that grabs you? This is just a small sample of what you can find in both parks. There are plenty more in store for you when you visit both parks. Just bring your appetite and wallet.

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