Packing List – 10 Items I Never Travel Without

Packing List – 10 Items I Never Travel Without

Traveling is always an experience some of us never explore and should, or there is some of us take travel for granted.

But regardless of what type of traveler you are, there are things that we never travel without.

These things we never travel without could be an item that we can‘t live without or an item that breaks up the monotony of air travel.

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Packing List - 10 Items I Never Travel Without


10 items I never travel

My Cellphone

What are the things I never travel without? The first thing on my list is something I can barely escape the house with, and that’s my cellphone.

I can’t travel the world without it!

I use my make iPhone for everything from storing all my tickets, booking confirmations, itineraries, maps and keeping in touch with people while I’m away. 

But being Canadian, which I think has the highest cellphone rates in the world, the minute I step foot into another country the meter starts running so I tend to use those around me to make phone calls.

I currently have the iPhone XS Max and I LOVE it! I am an amateur filmmaker trying to one day be as big as Tommy Wiseau, and the 4k video on the IPhone is amazing.

The videos I capture on this tiny, little computer almost matches my Canon Mark 5d III in terms of quality, plus its small enough to hide in my from pocket. 

Sorry Cannon, that sits on my table when I go on trips, it’s not you it’s me

10 items I never travel

Portable charger

Because I use my phone so much I have to carry a portable charger. The main one is the Portable Charger by RAVPower Traveller which I’ve found to be really reliable. 

I’ve been given cheaper ones in seminar swag bags, but the charge last just as long as a boy bands career. Plus, there is nothing like playing angry birds on the plane and losing your score 2 hours into a 10-hour flightDamn you Angry birds!!! 

Plus, having a portable charger along for the ride, makes it easier to grab an uber after touching down in who knows what city you land in at 1 am.

10 items I never travel


For sanitary purposes, I like having my own pair of headphones on any flight. I know that come in plastic wrap when handed to you, but how sure are these just not dipped in a vat of purell and re-wrapped

No, I am not a germaphobe, but I play one on t.v.

The second most important of the things I never travel without is a great set of noise cancelling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35, can make plane rides a piece of cake. 

Especially when all the babies on the plane decide it’s time to play that great baby game called,” who can scream the loudest.”

I didn’t have issue with the babies on the planes as I feel for the parents and having everyone on the plane give them the death stare. 

But, I do have a problem on the plane when the following below plays anywhere near me.

10 items I never travel

International plug adaptor with USB points

International Power Adapter for Travel is a great thing I never travel without even if I am not travelling out of country. This is the only travel plug adapter you will need!

In these days you need a power plug adapter that will charge two phones, a tablet and camera when you go travel. So get the 4 Port USB world travel adapter today and save the headache.

10 items I never travel

Travel Journal

No matter how much I love my IPhone, it’s no match for a pad of paper and a pen to take notes.

Have you ever gone through your notes on your phone months later, and realised that the 50 you wrote didn’t make a difference since they didn’t get completed?

Except for the fact the your dog loves your neighbours more than you do because they feed him/her.

The travel journal is on the 10 items I never travel without because I find when I write somthing down, it’s tends to get done faster.

Water Bottle

Explain to me how beer sometimes is cheaper than bottled water? And, why do we humans have to waste so much plastic to quench our thirst?

I carry with me while I travel two types of water bottles, one is a normal bottle that keeps my water cold in an air tight container

The other one, which I am thanking Santa for is a collapsable water bottle I just received. This collapsable water bottle is great for travelling through the airport. 

It’s compact enough to put into your carryon, and when you don’t feel like carrying a water bottle with you all day, this collapsable water bottle can hide in a pair of cargo shorts.

Yes, i still wear cargo shorts.

Running Shoes

“No matter where you go, there you are” buckaroo banzai.

I always think that when I am going to a resort for some rest and relaxation, I some how manage to walk 15 km a day instead of burning my feet in th sand all day grabbing drink from the pool bar.

Wait, you are supposed to be in the pool to get drinks? Well, that makes it easier next time.

Having a great pair running shoes with you will save your feet for the entire trip just in case on day one you decided to do 15km walk in Havaianas. I have done that, not fun for the reminder of the trip.

My Watch

Now, this is something that anybody can take or leave it. But I like having a watch, and with all the great features that many now have, I kinda feel like Dick Tracy more and more each day.

I have the Garmin Approach S60 and it’s the perfect watch for me. Reason being is that I love golf, and whenever I get a chance to play I will take it. But when I run intno a situation where I have never played the course before, and the pro ship ran out of yardage books, this watch is a golf game saver on the course.

Now, you may not be a golfer, and I can except that, but there are many other watches out there that offer incredible features that will suit your life style and you will wonder why you haven’t picked up one yet.

Air Freshener

You may laugh at this product, and I know I did the first time I saw it, but it’s comes in handy on an airplane.

We have all been there, where you see someone walk past you down the aisle heading to the restroom on the plane, and don’t come out for the entire flight.

It called Fibre!! Eat some!

But when you are the poor sole which forgot about that person, and you come face to face with them in a passer by as you head to the washroom, this poo-porrui will save your life.

Portable Laundry System

I don’t know about you, but mustard and coffee love my white dress shirts. Plus, why am I always wearing white shirts when I am having something with mustard in it and chasing it down with coffeeI am not too bright.

But when I found out about the scrubba wash bag, I started to get excited about wearing all the white shirts I haven’t destroyed yet.

Now, it’s not a miracle worker, but it does a great job in a pinch. Plus, its easy to pack. 


I hope that there were some ideas in my 10 items I never travel without list, that might make into your travel checklist. You never know when you might need that one item, that will save every trip for you. It’s kinda like the American Express card, Don’t leave home with out it.”

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